Friday, June 27, 2008

Recruitment day interview

As you probabaly know by now we're right in the middle of the recruitment days here at Hyper Island. One of the many talented people being interviewed today is Johan Dettmar, 22 years old from Helsingborg in the South of Sweden. I asked him some questions about why he wants to study Digital Media at Hyper Island the next coming two years.

How did you find Hyper Island?
- I found you on the Internet when I was looking for digital media classes.

And why did you decide to apply?
- I liked it at once because it looked up to date with the digital media industry. I had been looking for that but didn't find it anywhere else.

Why did you chose the Digital Media programme?
- It has always been a big interest of mine since highschool. I like the fact that you can create and publish something so easily and yet it reaches a lot of people. And I have taken a few classes in webb design and gigital photo. But I also like the management part.

What do you want to work as in the future?
- I'm not sure but I think I want to be a designer.

What kind of project did you do for your application?
- I made a website for a TV-channel. It was like a travelling show where anyone could be the reporter.

What have you done so far during your first recruitment day?
- I have been interviewed. And before that we got to ask questions to the other students.

How was that?
- Interesting. We had a lot of questions. You want to know if everything you have heard is correct. And it seems very good, like I had hoped for, only better.

What have you done before this?
- I have been travelling a lot. The last longer trip was to France.

If you do get in, where would you like to do your internship?

- In New York. I was there not tooo long ago and felt that I have to live and work there for at least a year of my life. It is such a cool city.

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