Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One brand, one trademark equals good business, or how does it work?

As you know by now, our students run a blog of their own while on their internship. But I asked one of the students to write something related to his internship on this blog as well. This is what he wrote:

"I'm Rasmus Bjurstrom and I have the brilliant opportunity to do my internship at Essen International, Sweden's largest branding agency located in Stockholm.

Last week we had a lecture/education for the personal in brand-law and guidelines, not the silly Kottlers five p's or AIDAS, but the real deal.
In the office we have two lawyers specially educated in brand law, so I thought of sharing some good to know facts that I myself recently gained.

Do you know the difference between a brand and a trademark?

Trademark = a legal term for name, symbol, design etc that differentiates one company's products/services from others. The trademark can be registered and become an exclusive legal right for its owner.

Brand = is the communicative dimension of the trademark that represents the associations a beholder affiliates with the TM.

To register your trademark there is a demand for differentiation:
You cannot register a TM. if it indicates the;

- Sort (generic description – COFFEE for coffee)
- Nature (describes the product – FAST for a sports car.)
- Amount (6-pack of bear – for bear.)
- Area of use (FISHING – for a fishing pole)
- Geographical origin (MILAN – for clothing)

Bewildering, yes.
Exciting, without a doubt!
But you can't imagine all the fun and creative processes going on in a branding agency. That's all for now,
Peace out"

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thats too bad an info....
research more and then share with ppl.