Monday, June 2, 2008

Martin about his internship

Our students write about their internships on their own internship blog, but I decided to ask one of them a few questions for this blog as well. This is what Martin Persson replied:

Hi Martin! Judging from your latest blog entry you seem to be very happy with your internship. Why is that?
- I get to work on a lot of different and interesting projects and there are so many experienced and talented people here that you have so much to learn from. They are so good at what they do so sometimes you just feel like a very stupid beginner and to me that is only positive because I'm here to learn and develop. But to be honest, the best thing is the location... New York.

Has it been this good all the time or was it scary in the beginning?
- Well, at my first day I got this big quite boring and formal introduction and before I learned the complexity of it, I didn't like my chair. But I was never scared.

Do you get to use the things you've learned at Hyper Island before going on your internship?
- Yeah, at hyper island I think I brushed off half of the dust covering my potential.

What has been the best part of your Hyper Island experience?
- I'm quite in it right now. Hyper islands strongest part to me is definitely the ability to do your internship at world famous agencies.

And what will you do now that you graduate?
- From now 'til I graduate I will wake up every morning hoping that they want me to be a part of their office permanently. I have six weeks left of that painful waiting.

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