Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hyper Island at Hultsfred

Our grand Hyper Island summer tour has just begun and the first stop is the music festival in Hultsfred. My co-worker Maria went there with some students and I decided to ask her some questions about it for our blog. This is what she replied:

Hi Maria! What are you up to?
- We are encouraging people to be creative, we share a tent with Piraja where we give the festival visitors a boring little white card, and ask them to make it more interesting and fun, they can use whatever they want to use.

How is it going?

- Great! We had condoms, crayons, sticky tape, hair, a used tissue, you name it and someone did use it. It was wonderful to see how creative they were!

Is there a lot of people?
- Loads in our tent, but I've heard the organisers had hoped for loads more...

Are you having a good time?
- Always!

What is the weather like?
- The weather isn't the best, a bit rainy from time to time but that doesn't keep the visitors in their tents - Hard core!

Have you had any time to listen to any good bands or musicians so far?
- I saw Familjen on Thursday and it was amazing, so amazing I had to sing to every song and I have now lost my voice and can only whisper - well boring. The Hives & Babyshambles was really good too, Pete Doherty shocked everybody by showing up! Bad bands..... hmm, yeah Mange Schmidt wasn't so good.

What will be the next stop on your Hyper Island summer tour?
- The next stop has already started in Jönköping where three of our students from Karlskrona are spending a few days.

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