Monday, June 16, 2008

Hyper Island at Dreamhack

Our summer tour has moved on and three of our students are currently hanging out at Dreamhack, the worlds biggest LAN-party with 12 000 visitors and a lot of events and computer game tournaments. I e-mailed Niklas Palm some questions about the event, and this is what he replied:

Hello there! What is it like at Dreamhack?
- It's a totally new experience for us three here and we have never seen so many computers at once before.

Are people sitting quietly in front of their computers or are they socializing as well?
- Most of them are actually sitting at their computers. There is a little expo area here as well which can be pretty crowded when there are no events going on.

What are you doing there?
- We have a little booth in the expo area trying to inform people about Hyper Island and handing out catalogs and collect e-mail addresses.

How is it going?
- Since the average visitor is about 14 years old or younger and there is a lot of stuff going on its quite hard to get them interested in a school for people in their 20's and above. But we are doing our best.

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