Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Final project presentations

Stuff to do: Line Matulac, Stephano Dinamarca Fernández and Peggy Hung.

Our Digital Media students in Karlskrona are back from their internships and are about to graduate on thursday. But first they have to present their final projects. One of the groups have
developed an application called "Stuff to do" based on an iconographic language, to help people achieve their goals. I asked one of the members, Line Matulac about the project and her time at Hyper Island.

How did you come up with the idea to make a site that help people achieve their goals?
- My group brainstormed around the words flower pot, cat and chocolate, and came up with this concept. We don't even know how we got from point A to B, but it had to do with somehow growing goals visually.

I understand you all live in different parts of the country. How did you work on this project?
- We tele-communicated through Skype and used google docs for all the texts and sketches.

How did it work out?
- All of us worked great together and we are proud of the result. Some things we could have done better, such as time estimation for the last few weeks. But we were disciplined all the way throughout the project.

What do you think of your Hyper Island experience now that you graduate?

- Hyper is a great school and I find myself recommending it to anyone with an interest in the creative field.

What was the best part?
- It's a tie between the UGL and the internship. The UGL opened my eyes to group dynamics and leadership skills, and being able to apply it all during the internship was priceless.

What will you do next?
- I'm going to start looking for a job in NY.

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