Thursday, June 26, 2008

A break from recruitment days

We're right in the middle of the recruitment days. I'm in an interview team together with two wonderful people: André, a psychologist from Karlskrona and Jessica, an (ex-)student from the very first batch of Interactive Art Directors. A total of four teams consisting of one co-worker, one student and one leadership consultant or psychiatrist are meeting potential students. We're talking to really interesting, wonderful, talented, brilliant persons. It's an exciting process, but sometimes you need a break from even the most superb things.

A great thing to do during that break is to head over to Knitware Blog and watch Doc Roger's interview with David Erixon, one of Hyper Island's founders. David's no longer directly involved in the school since he's busy being global brand manager at Vodafone, but he loves Hyper Island none the less. Just like we feel for him.

Allright, time to go to sleep. Tomorrow we're meeting a whole new batch of eager would-be potential Hyper Island students.

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