Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why did you apply?

We have recieved a lot of applications this year both from Sweden and the rest of the world. I asked Wesley Jones to write and explain why he applied. This is what he replied:


My name is Wesley Jones, a Midwestern boy – born and raised. My path to design began while working with my father. Around him I found a great interest in video and film. Later, I acquired an appreciation for print design and have continued in that direction by graduating with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts and working in the field as a print designer. In this position I continue to grow and now hunger for more opportunities to work with web design and motion graphics.

You should also know I'm kind of an animation freak influenced by 80s and 90s pop culture. Cartoons rock. So Flash has always been something I have tried to learn. I need to be fully engrossed in it though and be able to bounce ideas and questions off people. So that's where school comes in.

I wanted to learn all I can about flash and motion graphics while developing leadership skills and getting a sense for the business on a global scale. Since I have finished college I have asked several interactive designers and developers what the best school to go to in the world would be for web/interactive design. They all say with out hesitation…. Hyper Island.

I chose hyper over a grad school or portfolio school for three reasons:

1: The reputation
The students are able to work with some of the best agency and studios in the world, not only for an internship, but also afterwards as well.

2:The Education Style
The students work together in groups on projects and help each other out. They are put in leadership position and have to work with real life situations like pitching to a client and get funding for jobs. They also learn the programs that are current and will be used in the field.

3: The World

I want to realize my destiny as a global citizen and as a student of the world. It's important to be able to know how to market to the demographic in Sweden, Japan, France, South Africa, etc.

I think Hyper Island has allot to offer as a school.

- Wes -

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