Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What do the students think?

Last week our students in Stockholm finished their Design Specialisation and we asked one of the students, Susan Nygren, to write something about it on this blog:

"During our last module, Design Specialisation 2, we worked with a real customer and a real project. We had a lot of fun and learned many things during our 4 weeks of work. The experience of learning was more intense beause now we got a direct insight of how a real company works and what it needs, from a design point of view.

All though it was fun, it was also a whole lot of work and a very short time to get it finished, so therefore we ones again learned the importance of planning and finding a clear structure in the project group when it came to who-works-with-what.

The uniqueness of this module was that we for the first time only worked towards a company as designers and nothing else and it was a challenge to be sure of how to handle a situation of both management and designing.

On the other hand I think that a confidence arose of handeling many different tasks at once and eventually we had a successful result and the customer was very satisfied.

I personally see that module as a great source of knowledge and experience for my own professional future as a designer.

/Susan Nygren."

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