Friday, May 23, 2008

What do the students think of our Business Management program?

As you probably know by now, our Business Management students graduated last week. One of the students who graduated and already has a great job is Elin Johansson. I asked her some questions about what she thought of her Hyper Island experience.

Congratulations on your graduation. How does it feel to have graduated?
- After finishing upper secondary school I felt totally lost. But after my graduation from Hyper Island I feel there is a whole world open for me and more opportunities than days of the week. I’m leaving the school with grief because I will miss everyone at school and the “Hyper bubble” we created but I’m also exited to start working and practice what I have learned.

What did you think of the time at Hyper Island?
- I think I always will look back and see my time at school as something that changed me as a person, my values and my way to look at leadership. Even if I end up doing something that isn’t connected to my education would still be grateful for all the things I’ve learned about myself and others.

Was it what you had expected?
- Yes and no. I expected hard work, fun education and a broader network and this came true. But I didn’t expect to develop so much as a co-worker, a leader and a human.

Is there anything special that you learned here that you will find useful in the future?
- To always take responsibility for my own life and for the choices I make.

What was the best part?
- The lectures, my classmates, our projects and our co-workers at school. And all the hard parts during school – everything that went wrong, all the downs in our projects and the feeling when we succeed to turn them around to something good.

Where did you do you internship?
- I did my second internship at a digital agency in Norway called Apt. Almost immediately I got my own projects to run and was treated like a co-worker and not an intern.

What was that like?
- It was the best! I had a great time and learned a lot about both project management and technical stuff I never thought of before. Of course there were ups and downs but I see them as something developing and educational. I asked for a challenge on my internship interview and I really got one.

What will you do now that you have graduated?
- I liked my internship so much I decided to stay and I guess they are fond of me as well because I got employed a month before the ending of my internship. So I have moved all my stuff to Oslo to continue to have fun.

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