Monday, May 5, 2008

Onesize at Hyper Island

Today our design interested Ditital Media students have had a workshop with Rogier Hendriks and Kasper Verweij from Onesize . Onesize is a Dutch creative studio focusing on motion graphics, animation, visual effects and direction for film and television. I took them aside for five minutes to ask them a few questions about the motion graphics industry and what they think of Hyper Island.

Hi Rogier and Kasper! What are you doing here today?
Rogier: We were asked to do a workshop for the students in the field of motion design and motion graphics. We gave them an assignment last week where they had to create a titel sequence for a design festival which takes place in Portugal next week. We wanted them to create something that involved all aspects of motion design.

What’s happening in the field of motion graphics at the moment?
Rogier: I think more traditional design is coming back. Computer graphics is becoming less and less important and more of a tool among other. People look at the history and the 1930’s and how animation was made back then. For many years you had to do everything by computer but today more things are created by hand again.

What about the future?
Kasper: It is hard to say. It depends on the development in software. But I think there will be more of international collaboration. Dutch companies will collaborate with people in London. Because of the internet u don’t have to sit in the same office to work together, which is a good thing.

What kind of people and qualifications are you looking for?
Kasper: Two types. Specialists, like 3D people who only do 3D. And allround designers who know a little bit about everything so that they understand when they are talking to the specialists.

What do you recommend our students to do?
Rogier: Try to find out what you do best or try to find out what you like the most and try to be good at that. Keep on experimenting and have fun.

What is your background?
Rogier: We studied graphic design at an art school in Holland. But we tried to translate all our assignments into motion graphics.

What do you think about being at Hyper Island?
Rogier: It is great. Hyper Island is the most ideal place for students to study. The concept is the only way - the industry is changing so much and you can’t have the same teachers year after year. It is good that the students get a lot of freedom, and get educated allround. They learn the business part and how it actually works in the real world. That’s what is lacking in other schools.

And what is it that you will do on the festival in Portugal next week?
Rogier: It is a design festival which is held every year in different countries. It is a good thing and we are invited to participate in a panel to talk about motion graphics.

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