Friday, May 30, 2008


Last friday a group of Hyper Island students called Creatives unlimited was nominated for Best company commercial and Best moving media in Guldeken. (Guld means gold or golden, and eken is the swedish word for 'the oak'. So the correct translation would be the golden oak.)

I asked my co-worker Sofie who was there to write a few words about the evening:

"Guldeken is a contest within the field of commercials, entrepreneurship and communication. The contest was held in Karlskrona in an old cinema which is now an art gallery. The evening was filled with awards, mingle, delicious snacks, drinks and music in a really neat environment!

Unfortunately, Creatives Unlimited. didn't receive any award, but we are really proud of them for being nominated in two categories! Well done Digital Media 2009 Karlskrona!"

For pictures from Guldeken have a look at Sydö

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