Thursday, May 8, 2008

Innovation for profit clashes with free information society

Modernista! has an interestering and, in my opinion, innovative way of presenting their company. Instead of making their own homepage, their site is only a navigation that includes other sites that are not (completely) within Modernista!'s control.

However, the users and authors of Wikipedia, where the article about Modernista! is used as a first page by Modernista!, aren't happy about this and point out that Modernista! are breaking Wikipedia's policy.

I think Modernista! are innovative and, in a way, brave. They leave the control of the information to third parties, and this adds a layer of transparency that I find appealing. Modernista! has, according to Tim who made their web page, explicitly instructed their employees to refrain from editing the article at Wikipedia. However, I also see that Wikipedia could suffer from this. But then, there are bigger problems for Wikipedia than Modernista!'s hot-wrapping.

What do you think about Modernista!'s "web site" and the discussion about policies over at Wikipedia?

(Kudos to mr. Bodin and mr. Bell for the tip about the Modernista! - Wikipedia issue)

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Anonymous said...

The Swedish branch of Jung von Matt have for a while been using a similar solution, however not quite as evolved as modernistas solution.