Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hyper Island students won Young Lions Sweden

Two Hyper Island students, Oscar Asmoarp from Crew 8 and Mattias Matthisson from crew 7, recently won the cyber cathegory of the competition Young Lions Sweden. They will represent Sweden in the international final in Cannes later on this summer. I called Oscar to congrataulate him and ask him some questions about the competition.

Hi Oscar and congratulations!
- Thanks!

How does it feel?
- It feels great.

Tell me about the contest.
- The assignment was to make a brief on how to reach young people with a message from the organisation Håll Sverige rent (Keep Sweden clean). We put up cameras on different spots where there is a rubbish bin and made a banner where you see the film online. If you see someone walk up to the rubbish bin you can click on the banner to make a voice say either ”well done” (if the person throws the rubbish in the bin) or ”throw your rubbish in the bin” (if the person throws the rubbish on the ground). I think they got 15 or 20 contributions and luckily the jury liked ours the most.

Are you excited about going to Cannes?
- Yes very.

Where are you working today?
- I am working as an AD at Perfect fools.

What is the most important thing that you learned at Hyper Island?
- The most important part was the internship. It really prepared me for the real world after school.

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