Monday, May 12, 2008

Hyper Island students work out strategies for the music industry

Four of our Digital Media students who are specialised in project leading recently came back from a three week project where they have been working for a record label in Amsterdam. I met Tove Lindqvist (to the right in the picture) on a warm and sunny afternoon in Karlskrona, and asked her some questions about the project.

Hi Tove! What was the project about?
- Our assignment was to produce an Internet strategy for a real client, and we got to work for an Amsterdam based record label called Epitaph. Our job was to market Millencolins latest album. But in the end we did something else.

What did you do instead?
- We started to do research about how young people find new music and worked out an over all strategy on how to meet the problems with young people who don’t want to pay for music, since they can down load it for free on the Internet.

How did you do that?
- We interviewed the audience in one of Millencolins concerts and interviewed My space and people in record shops and shops where they sell skateing clothes. We got a lot of information that way and worked out a strategy from there.

Were they happy with your ideas?
- Yes, very. We talked in front of five persons who were really interested in our ideas.

What did you learn from this?
- A lot! We learned both about the music industry and how to work out a strategy. It was increadibly interesting.

What do you want to work with in the future?
- I think I want to work with some project in Africa or something like that, where I can do something uesful and important.

Did you learn anything in this project that will be useful in future projects after Hyper Island?
- Yes, a lot of things about strategy and how much work it takes to get to know an industry, the company and their clients. And most importantly we got to know people who can be helpful in the future. Contacts is everything and therefor it is such a good idea to send us abroad. It will be very useful in the future.

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