Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ex-students tell their stories

It is graduation time here at Hyper Island and it is time for our students to try their own wings. I talked to some of the students who graduated a year ago, about what they have been up to and if they learned anything at Hyper Island, that they find useful now. This is what Sarah Ejermark who took our Business Management program answered.

Hi Sarah! What have you been up to since you graduated a year ago?
- It’s been an amazing year! I started up the company Insight together with Lisa Anderson and J├Ârgen Jonsson.

What do you do there?
- We are a small management company who focus on helping people who work together to become more effective - together and by themselves. We contribute to the longterm increase of wellbeing, profit and quality for companies, groups and individuals with the help of effective tools, insights about themselves and others.

Do you like it?
- Love it – Lisa and I have changed our post address to “outside comfort zone” for good!! Scary and wonderful!

What did you think of your time at Hyper Island?
- One of the best choices I have ever made. It exceeded my expectations by a million miles.

Did you learn anything specifik that you find useful now?
- Just about everything we learned! Organization diagnostics, understanding a brand, working with clients…

What was the best part of your Hyper Island experience?
- HIM1 - my class – the love

Do you have any advice for our new students?
- The more you give – the more you get!

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