Friday, May 30, 2008

Virtual road trip, pt 8

I cant believe it's almost june! It is time for our next stop on the virtual road trip. We are almost at the end, so please enjoy while we are still out there. In this video, two Digital Media students talk about their last projects – Fluffbabes and Skopunkten. I personally think that they do some really exciting work!


Last friday a group of Hyper Island students called Creatives unlimited was nominated for Best company commercial and Best moving media in Guldeken. (Guld means gold or golden, and eken is the swedish word for 'the oak'. So the correct translation would be the golden oak.)

I asked my co-worker Sofie who was there to write a few words about the evening:

"Guldeken is a contest within the field of commercials, entrepreneurship and communication. The contest was held in Karlskrona in an old cinema which is now an art gallery. The evening was filled with awards, mingle, delicious snacks, drinks and music in a really neat environment!

Unfortunately, Creatives Unlimited. didn't receive any award, but we are really proud of them for being nominated in two categories! Well done Digital Media 2009 Karlskrona!"

For pictures from Guldeken have a look at Sydö

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moving Images 2008

We are proud to announce that Hyper Island CEO Mattias Hansson will be moderating this years Moving Images! Moving Images is an annual conference for companies active in the moving image industry. Here people within motion picture, TV, computer games, web and mobile platforms, meet to be inspired and discuss future cross media solutions.

This year’s theme: Who Can Tell? casts light on the story behind the story. Who tells the stories today? Is user-generated content taking over? What does the future look like? Moving Images 2008 will give you some plausible answers, fuel the debate and help you keep ahead in your business.

Ex-students tell their stories

It is graduation time here at Hyper Island and it is time for our students to try their own wings. I talked to some of the students who graduated a year ago, about what they have been up to and if they learned anything at Hyper Island, that they find useful now. This is what Sarah Ejermark who took our Business Management program answered.

Hi Sarah! What have you been up to since you graduated a year ago?
- It’s been an amazing year! I started up the company Insight together with Lisa Anderson and Jörgen Jonsson.

What do you do there?
- We are a small management company who focus on helping people who work together to become more effective - together and by themselves. We contribute to the longterm increase of wellbeing, profit and quality for companies, groups and individuals with the help of effective tools, insights about themselves and others.

Do you like it?
- Love it – Lisa and I have changed our post address to “outside comfort zone” for good!! Scary and wonderful!

What did you think of your time at Hyper Island?
- One of the best choices I have ever made. It exceeded my expectations by a million miles.

Did you learn anything specifik that you find useful now?
- Just about everything we learned! Organization diagnostics, understanding a brand, working with clients…

What was the best part of your Hyper Island experience?
- HIM1 - my class – the love

Do you have any advice for our new students?
- The more you give – the more you get!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Virtual road trip, pt 7

Summer is as good as here and while we are busy planning our summer holidays it is time for the 7:th stop on our virtual road trip. In this video, Paul Collins - Interactive Art Director at the advertising agency Åkestam Holst, talks about his dream project and what is important when working as an Art Director.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why did you apply?

We have recieved a lot of applications this year both from Sweden and the rest of the world. I asked Wesley Jones to write and explain why he applied. This is what he replied:


My name is Wesley Jones, a Midwestern boy – born and raised. My path to design began while working with my father. Around him I found a great interest in video and film. Later, I acquired an appreciation for print design and have continued in that direction by graduating with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts and working in the field as a print designer. In this position I continue to grow and now hunger for more opportunities to work with web design and motion graphics.

You should also know I'm kind of an animation freak influenced by 80s and 90s pop culture. Cartoons rock. So Flash has always been something I have tried to learn. I need to be fully engrossed in it though and be able to bounce ideas and questions off people. So that's where school comes in.

I wanted to learn all I can about flash and motion graphics while developing leadership skills and getting a sense for the business on a global scale. Since I have finished college I have asked several interactive designers and developers what the best school to go to in the world would be for web/interactive design. They all say with out hesitation…. Hyper Island.

I chose hyper over a grad school or portfolio school for three reasons:

1: The reputation
The students are able to work with some of the best agency and studios in the world, not only for an internship, but also afterwards as well.

2:The Education Style
The students work together in groups on projects and help each other out. They are put in leadership position and have to work with real life situations like pitching to a client and get funding for jobs. They also learn the programs that are current and will be used in the field.

3: The World

I want to realize my destiny as a global citizen and as a student of the world. It's important to be able to know how to market to the demographic in Sweden, Japan, France, South Africa, etc.

I think Hyper Island has allot to offer as a school.

- Wes -

Friday, May 23, 2008

Virtual road trip, pt 6

It is time for our sixth stop on our virtual roadtrip. In this video, the Digital Media student Yvonne Lu talks about her last project and the cool animated video that was the outcome of that project. Enjoy!

What do the students think of our Business Management program?

As you probably know by now, our Business Management students graduated last week. One of the students who graduated and already has a great job is Elin Johansson. I asked her some questions about what she thought of her Hyper Island experience.

Congratulations on your graduation. How does it feel to have graduated?
- After finishing upper secondary school I felt totally lost. But after my graduation from Hyper Island I feel there is a whole world open for me and more opportunities than days of the week. I’m leaving the school with grief because I will miss everyone at school and the “Hyper bubble” we created but I’m also exited to start working and practice what I have learned.

What did you think of the time at Hyper Island?
- I think I always will look back and see my time at school as something that changed me as a person, my values and my way to look at leadership. Even if I end up doing something that isn’t connected to my education would still be grateful for all the things I’ve learned about myself and others.

Was it what you had expected?
- Yes and no. I expected hard work, fun education and a broader network and this came true. But I didn’t expect to develop so much as a co-worker, a leader and a human.

Is there anything special that you learned here that you will find useful in the future?
- To always take responsibility for my own life and for the choices I make.

What was the best part?
- The lectures, my classmates, our projects and our co-workers at school. And all the hard parts during school – everything that went wrong, all the downs in our projects and the feeling when we succeed to turn them around to something good.

Where did you do you internship?
- I did my second internship at a digital agency in Norway called Apt. Almost immediately I got my own projects to run and was treated like a co-worker and not an intern.

What was that like?
- It was the best! I had a great time and learned a lot about both project management and technical stuff I never thought of before. Of course there were ups and downs but I see them as something developing and educational. I asked for a challenge on my internship interview and I really got one.

What will you do now that you have graduated?
- I liked my internship so much I decided to stay and I guess they are fond of me as well because I got employed a month before the ending of my internship. So I have moved all my stuff to Oslo to continue to have fun.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Graduation pics!

Last week our Business Management students graduated in Karlskrona. Of course this was celebrated with champagne and strawberries! Here are some photos from the graduation day. For more photos go to this site.

Magnus Olsson got some champagne!

A little bit sad to leave the school as well. From the left side: Sara Lundh, Sandra Gozdek, Sara Nilsson, Hanna Nilsson

Joseph Redéen

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What do the students think?

Last week our students in Stockholm finished their Design Specialisation and we asked one of the students, Susan Nygren, to write something about it on this blog:

"During our last module, Design Specialisation 2, we worked with a real customer and a real project. We had a lot of fun and learned many things during our 4 weeks of work. The experience of learning was more intense beause now we got a direct insight of how a real company works and what it needs, from a design point of view.

All though it was fun, it was also a whole lot of work and a very short time to get it finished, so therefore we ones again learned the importance of planning and finding a clear structure in the project group when it came to who-works-with-what.

The uniqueness of this module was that we for the first time only worked towards a company as designers and nothing else and it was a challenge to be sure of how to handle a situation of both management and designing.

On the other hand I think that a confidence arose of handeling many different tasks at once and eventually we had a successful result and the customer was very satisfied.

I personally see that module as a great source of knowledge and experience for my own professional future as a designer.

/Susan Nygren."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A virtual road trip, pt 5

With three more days to apply it is time for our fifth stop on our virtual road trip. In this video, Mattias Lindberg - one of the best Flash designers in the world, talks about how he became a good Flash animator, his working process and the future of animation. Enjoy!

The Industry Project

Our Digitial Media students just started the TIP-module. TIP is short for The Industry Project. In this module the students are working on sharp projects with real clients. One of the responsible for this module is Ann Westfelt, who is also working as a structuring coach. I asked her some questions about the module and what a structuring coach really does.

- In this module the students are working on sharp projects for five weeks. They run their own businesses and have to manage everything from dealing with the clients, making business plans, closing deals, deliver on time, and so on, Ann Westfelt says.

Who are the clients?
- Different companies like Natur och Kultur (a Swedish publishing house) and Stockholm Pride Festival.

What does a structuring coach do?
- I help people and companies make their lives and work easier and more effective. If people know how to work efficient they can save a lot of time and money. Many people do things more complicated than they have to.

Finally I asked Ann Westfelt for some advice or recommendations to make life and work easier:

1. Simplify! Don’t make it more complicated than it is.
2. Set up defined goals!
3. Change your bad habits.
4. Let it take time in the beginning. You save time in the end.
5. Have fun. If you have fun you will find the energy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hyper Island students work out strategies for the music industry

Four of our Digital Media students who are specialised in project leading recently came back from a three week project where they have been working for a record label in Amsterdam. I met Tove Lindqvist (to the right in the picture) on a warm and sunny afternoon in Karlskrona, and asked her some questions about the project.

Hi Tove! What was the project about?
- Our assignment was to produce an Internet strategy for a real client, and we got to work for an Amsterdam based record label called Epitaph. Our job was to market Millencolins latest album. But in the end we did something else.

What did you do instead?
- We started to do research about how young people find new music and worked out an over all strategy on how to meet the problems with young people who don’t want to pay for music, since they can down load it for free on the Internet.

How did you do that?
- We interviewed the audience in one of Millencolins concerts and interviewed My space and people in record shops and shops where they sell skateing clothes. We got a lot of information that way and worked out a strategy from there.

Were they happy with your ideas?
- Yes, very. We talked in front of five persons who were really interested in our ideas.

What did you learn from this?
- A lot! We learned both about the music industry and how to work out a strategy. It was increadibly interesting.

What do you want to work with in the future?
- I think I want to work with some project in Africa or something like that, where I can do something uesful and important.

Did you learn anything in this project that will be useful in future projects after Hyper Island?
- Yes, a lot of things about strategy and how much work it takes to get to know an industry, the company and their clients. And most importantly we got to know people who can be helpful in the future. Contacts is everything and therefor it is such a good idea to send us abroad. It will be very useful in the future.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hyper Island students won Young Lions Sweden

Two Hyper Island students, Oscar Asmoarp from Crew 8 and Mattias Matthisson from crew 7, recently won the cyber cathegory of the competition Young Lions Sweden. They will represent Sweden in the international final in Cannes later on this summer. I called Oscar to congrataulate him and ask him some questions about the competition.

Hi Oscar and congratulations!
- Thanks!

How does it feel?
- It feels great.

Tell me about the contest.
- The assignment was to make a brief on how to reach young people with a message from the organisation Håll Sverige rent (Keep Sweden clean). We put up cameras on different spots where there is a rubbish bin and made a banner where you see the film online. If you see someone walk up to the rubbish bin you can click on the banner to make a voice say either ”well done” (if the person throws the rubbish in the bin) or ”throw your rubbish in the bin” (if the person throws the rubbish on the ground). I think they got 15 or 20 contributions and luckily the jury liked ours the most.

Are you excited about going to Cannes?
- Yes very.

Where are you working today?
- I am working as an AD at Perfect fools.

What is the most important thing that you learned at Hyper Island?
- The most important part was the internship. It really prepared me for the real world after school.

Innovation for profit clashes with free information society

Modernista! has an interestering and, in my opinion, innovative way of presenting their company. Instead of making their own homepage, their site is only a navigation that includes other sites that are not (completely) within Modernista!'s control.

However, the users and authors of Wikipedia, where the article about Modernista! is used as a first page by Modernista!, aren't happy about this and point out that Modernista! are breaking Wikipedia's policy.

I think Modernista! are innovative and, in a way, brave. They leave the control of the information to third parties, and this adds a layer of transparency that I find appealing. Modernista! has, according to Tim who made their web page, explicitly instructed their employees to refrain from editing the article at Wikipedia. However, I also see that Wikipedia could suffer from this. But then, there are bigger problems for Wikipedia than Modernista!'s hot-wrapping.

What do you think about Modernista!'s "web site" and the discussion about policies over at Wikipedia?

(Kudos to mr. Bodin and mr. Bell for the tip about the Modernista! - Wikipedia issue)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Onesize at Hyper Island

Today our design interested Ditital Media students have had a workshop with Rogier Hendriks and Kasper Verweij from Onesize . Onesize is a Dutch creative studio focusing on motion graphics, animation, visual effects and direction for film and television. I took them aside for five minutes to ask them a few questions about the motion graphics industry and what they think of Hyper Island.

Hi Rogier and Kasper! What are you doing here today?
Rogier: We were asked to do a workshop for the students in the field of motion design and motion graphics. We gave them an assignment last week where they had to create a titel sequence for a design festival which takes place in Portugal next week. We wanted them to create something that involved all aspects of motion design.

What’s happening in the field of motion graphics at the moment?
Rogier: I think more traditional design is coming back. Computer graphics is becoming less and less important and more of a tool among other. People look at the history and the 1930’s and how animation was made back then. For many years you had to do everything by computer but today more things are created by hand again.

What about the future?
Kasper: It is hard to say. It depends on the development in software. But I think there will be more of international collaboration. Dutch companies will collaborate with people in London. Because of the internet u don’t have to sit in the same office to work together, which is a good thing.

What kind of people and qualifications are you looking for?
Kasper: Two types. Specialists, like 3D people who only do 3D. And allround designers who know a little bit about everything so that they understand when they are talking to the specialists.

What do you recommend our students to do?
Rogier: Try to find out what you do best or try to find out what you like the most and try to be good at that. Keep on experimenting and have fun.

What is your background?
Rogier: We studied graphic design at an art school in Holland. But we tried to translate all our assignments into motion graphics.

What do you think about being at Hyper Island?
Rogier: It is great. Hyper Island is the most ideal place for students to study. The concept is the only way - the industry is changing so much and you can’t have the same teachers year after year. It is good that the students get a lot of freedom, and get educated allround. They learn the business part and how it actually works in the real world. That’s what is lacking in other schools.

And what is it that you will do on the festival in Portugal next week?
Rogier: It is a design festival which is held every year in different countries. It is a good thing and we are invited to participate in a panel to talk about motion graphics.