Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A virtual road trip, pt 3

One of my responsibilities as a co-worker at Hyper Island is to be the contact person for students who do their internships. Our goal is always to meet with the students in person, but this can be hard to achieve when the students are spread out all over the world. For example. the first Interactive Art Director students who are doing their internships right now, are everywhere from New York, Sydney, Montreal and San Francisco to Peking, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Barcelona. In fact, we've got an Inteactive Art Director student on all five inhabited continents in the world.

One of them is Stina, who is at Poke in London. One of Stinas colleagues during her internship is Nicky, who also has a blog about sock monsters, typography, web things and other stuff that strikes her fancy. Nicky's also been kind enough to host the third stop in our virtual road trip.

Allright, I'm off for my first class in Japanese!

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