Monday, April 28, 2008

A virtual road trip, pt 2

For all of you non-Swedish people who are thinking of applying to one of our Diploma Programs, it can be good to know a few things about the Swedish culture and Swedish customs. One way is to read "How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons", an excellent blog about Swedish culture seen through American eyes.

I'm going to borrow Francis (that's the guy who writes the aforementioned blog) idea for a while and tell you about a very Swedish word: "klämdag". It's what you call a working day that's in between two holidays. For example, this Friday is a "klämdag" since it's between 1st of May (which is a public holiday) and a weekend. It's not unusual that people take these "klämdagar" off, to get a longer time off from work.

Even if you don't take this Friday off, this week is short because of May 1st. However, deadlines do not care about holidays, public or otherwise, and next week the students at Digital Media are ending their second specialisation. This means several deadlines to meet, and the activity level is high.

While we're busy working and making up for the "klämdag", you can have a look at the second part in our virtual road trip over at The Strange Attractor.

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