Friday, April 18, 2008

A virtual road trip, pt 1

It's April 18th. 

You'd think it's a regular, run of the mill April 18th, when Valdemar has name day and there's spring in the air both in Karlskrona and Stockholm.

Celebrating name days isn't a big thing in English-speaking countries. In Sweden it's kind of a routine. It's not uncommon to hear "happy name day, Micke" if your name is Michael and the date is September 29th, or "happy name day, Maria" if it's February 28th. Come to think of it, it is slightly uncommon to hear the latter if your name is Michael. 

Anyhow, what's special about today is that it's less than a month left to apply to our programs starting this fall, and our virtual road trip begins. Last Saturday, we had an open house in Stockholm, so that those of you who are interested in Hyper Island could drop by and talk to us, our students and listen to people like Jonathan Briggs and Fakepilot. For those who are in the southern parts of Sweden, and couldn't drop by, we are arranging road trips. We cannot promise that we bring mr. Briggs and Fakepilot to you, but we do take a bit of the Hyper Island feeling with us. If you'd like the road trip to swing by your school or event, drop us an e-mail and we'll do our best to be there.

Then there's all of you who don't live in Sweden. Since all of our programs are open to international students starting this fall (and we're also starting a couple new ones), we thought it'd be nice to meet you too. That's why we're stopping by ten different blogs with different video clips, each telling a little bit about what you learn and how you learn it when you're a student at Hyper Island. 

We call it "The Virtual Road Trip". The first stop does include mr. Briggs and is over at FormFiftyFive

PS. We cannot promise Fakepilot on the virtual road trip either, but you can catch him in Japan at Youtube.

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