Friday, April 25, 2008

A little reading list

It takes me about 30 minutes to take the subway from Telefonplan, where the school in Stockholm is situated, to Danderyds Sjukhus, the station where I live. In the mornings, I spend that time reading the newspapers. On my way home, when the newspapes are read I either do the crossword (working out the brain is important) or read more stuff using my iPhone. The other day it hit me that there must be a lot of great Hyper Island blogs written by students. So I sent out an e-mail requesting the students to URL me with their best shots. And boy, did I get some great reading stuff.

I'm thinking some of you might be interested as well, so I'll put up the blogs I gathered right here on the Hyper Island offcial blog. Some of the blogs are in Swedish, so I'm listing the language as well.

Business Management blogs
Class blog (English)
Calle Möllerström (Swedish)
Peter Hagander (Swedish)
Maria Nilsson (Swedish)
Natalie Bemerholt (Swedish)
Rasmus Bjurström (Swedish)
Michaela Modig(Swedish)

Digital Media blogs
Technology specialisation blog (English)
Jimmie Österberg (English)
Emelie Ivansson (English)
Carin Nilsson (English)
Kasper Kuijpers (English)
Aina Cecilie Ørebech (English)
Johanna Boäng (English)
Emil Rydberg (English)
Tove Lindqvist (English)
Stephanie Lindgren (English)
Yvonne Lu (English)
Andreas Widman (English)
Andreas Levin (English)
Madonna Arsan (English)

Interactive Art Director blogs
Internship blog (English)
Christian Lampa (English)
Rasmus Fogelström (Swedish)

I'm sure that there are even more blogs out there, but until the owners URL me with them, these will give me something to read on that half hour trip.

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