Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do you floss?

Backing up data is kind of like flossing. It's boring, and most people I know are slackers on both accounts. Now, it may be that I only know careless persons with questionable mouth hygiene, but I'm guessing that most of us neglect backing up data (and flossing) like we should.

Most of the time we get away with it, but when the "manure" hits the "device to move or agitate gas", things get ugly, painful and really expensive.

I personally think that backup should be one of those automagic things. It should just happen without me having to think or worry about it. When Crew 10 student Björn Andreasson began his studies at Digital Media backup wasn't really on his list of future careers. He chose the design specialization, and got an internship at the company where he would end up as one of the creators of Safecube, a smart box that does just this: Automagic management of all your backup worries.

This is the magic thing about Hyper Island. You never know where you'll end up once you become a student.

Now, I'm waiting for one of our students to do something about the flossing.

More reading about the Safecube in Swedish newspaper Metro Teknik.

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