Monday, April 21, 2008

Babe of yesterday

Christian isn't just one of the co-workers here at the school in Stockholm. He's also a former student from Crew 5 and the singer in the rock band "Fibes, Oh Fibes!".  Yesterday he also was babe of the day in Swedish evening paper Aftonbladet:

I'm not a translator, mind you, but the geist of the text is basically this: 
"Babe of the day:
This thing with a constantly open mouth looks, well, not so smart. But Fibes, Oh Fibes!-singer Christian Olsson has a cryptonite charisma, nice style and a magically delicious voice. Christian, Oh Christian!"

Chris has always been our babe of any given day. Except maybe Fridays, which I'm trying to claim as mine.


Simone said...

Now with all the sympathy that i have for Christian, this post is ridiculous. This blog should represent a school that celebrates real achievements and not publish material with such strong personal relevance.

Anonymous said...

Simone, with all due respect, this is the Hyper Island BLOG, not the site. I love little news bits like this, it makes the school feel like something real and not some big corp dot com school, thats the beatuty of the school.