Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Gunn Report report

Representatives from many of the major ad agencies and media companies in Sweden gathered at Ericssons old location at Telefonplan last wednesday. The guests were treated to a light breakfast and the european premiere presentation of the 2007 Gunn Report.

World-renowned industry analyst Donald Gunn has been compiling the Gunn Report for nine years, effectively tallying up the results from a range of advertising award shows all over the world, like Guldägget in Sweden.

- The Gunn Report is a very simple idea, said Donald Gunn. We combine the winners list from the top award shows.

Hyper Island CEO Mattias Hansson held the opening speech, welcoming all attendees and offering a crash-course in the Hyper Island methodology:

- No class rooms, no teachers, no books and no homework. Often not even computers! That is a method we have been working with for twelve years in Stockholm and Karlskrona, said Mattias Hansson.

Next up was Donald Gunn himself, who began by presenting award winning stills and TV ads, as well as interactive web sites, from the whole world. In fact, the 2007 report had contributions from more different countries than ever.

- The geographical spread of creative excellence is increasing, which is something to applaud, said Gunn.

Most of all, the Gunn Report presentation showed how important interactive web based ad campaigns have become. Donald Gunn held up Sweden as an example of this.

- Up until 2006 we had only print and TV. But the addition of an "Interactive" category have shaked things up. Seven countries are dominating Interactive, with Sweden coming in at number two.

During the years of the Gunn Report swedish agencies have won many awards and been highly rated. However, during the last three years before Interactive became a category the swedish agencies slumped in the Gunn ranking. This years dramatic comeback, which once again put Sweden in the top ten ad-making countries, show how many of the creative geniuses at swedish agencies have changed their focus from print to interactive.

Sebastian Suarez-Golborne

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Thanks for the speak - it was very interesting! I'm enjoying the Gunn Report that I won in the raffle right now :D