Friday, February 22, 2008

Program check: Digital Media Stockholm

Digital Media student Madonna Arsan reports on her latest module, where the students have been placed at actual work places to get a first hand insight into the business:

When Management Specialization started and we had to find an agency, Åkestam Holst was in our top three list. We thought that it would be a great opportunity to work shadow at the best ad agency in Sweden and when we contacted them they were excited about having us there.

To learn as much as possible, and gather material to the report we are delivering at the end of this module, we are observing, interviewing people and attending internal and client meetings. I can say that we are feeling appreciated, people ask us questions and are interested in who we are and about Hyper Island.

The idea of the final report is to write about the agency from a fresh point of view, our experience, our thoughts and a proposal for improvements. Since we are studying digital media and Åkestam Holst is more of a traditional ad agency our focus will be on their interactive part.

Just after week I feel filled with new knowledge. First I thought I would feel lost being so near the industry and experience the work at an ad agency but after attending meetings it felt like I was at school. Not only the atmosphere in the office reminds me of Hyper Island but also the structure of work and much more.

Madonna Arsan

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