Friday, February 15, 2008

Program check: Digital Media Karlskrona

Hyper Island student Carin Nilsson writes about the latest module for the Digital Media Karlskrona 2009 class:

We are now in the beginning of the module Design Specialisation 1 which is being held by Gregory Henriques. This module contains about six assignments and a lot of tight deadlines. Every student in our design group have found themselves a mentor that will give feedback on everything we produce during this period of time and will also be interviewed about the role of a designer. The mentor could be an old student from Hyper Island or someone else from the business.

Our first assignment in this module was to choose a designer that was active between the years 1725-1990, I picked Alexey Brodovitch that was the art director of the fashion magazine Bazaar for 24 years. Yesterday we found out that we were going to design something in the spirit of the designer we had chosen. I did the cover for the childrens book James and the Giant Peach which was kind of tricky since Brodowitch was a designer with a very elegant style who used a lot of white space and black & white photos. But I found some illustrations that he have made that was much more splashy and I tried to get inspiration from those in my illustration but at the same time make usage of the white space and keep an elegant look just like he did.

Carin Nilsson

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