Wednesday, February 13, 2008

British digital media panel discuss Hyper Island

The digital media community Chinwag has started a series of events that cast light on trends in the digital media and marketing industry. On the 29th of January in London the theme was the worsening skills shortage in the digital media sphere:

People are moving around and big brands are offering glitzy packages. But this is just the industry cannibalising itself, not growing the digital gene pool.
As demand for digital media and services increases, companies are feeling the squeeze as talent is not coming into the industry in sufficient numbers. Many businesses struggle to train staff and augment their abilities.

Laura Jordan Bambach, head of Art at Glue London and co-founder of She Says, was asked about the british digital media educations, which she considers to be old-fashioned, and compared it to the Hyper Island method:

- There are some fantastic examples of courses around the world and Hyper Island is I guess the most succesful of which. Their graduates are desperately seeked by every single agency, I'm sure not only in the UK. The way they teach is very unique and I don't understand why that way of teaching is not adopted in other places around the world and certainly in the UK. It is very succesful, it is all about group working.

Listen to the whole podcast at Chinwag Live.


Mattias Hansson said...

Well, I was actually there. And the interest for Hyper Island students are, as we now, huge in the UK. The new thing is that they (the UK business) also desperately want Hyper Island to start up education on site in the UK. And maybe we will.
/mattias hansson, ceo, hyper island

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