Monday, January 21, 2008

Program check: Interactive Art Director

The programs at Hyper Island are divided into different modules. Although Hyper Island staff lay down the frame work for the semester and oversee the educational process, the individual modules are more often than not designed by industry representatives.

The latest module for the Interactive Art Director program in Stockholm and Karlskrona has been developed by Martin Fredricson and Nikolaj Knop at We Recommend. Martin was kind enough to share some thoughts on the module - Client Design, Strategy & Branding - and the way education at Hyper Island works.

What is We Recommend?
- WE RECOMMEND is a design agency based in Malmö.

What is your relation to Hyper Island?
- I was a student in Crew5 Design&Tecnology at hyperisland, Karlskrona. I think it's a great school filled with lots of talented people both amongst the organization, lecturers and students. Many of the people I met at Hyper Island are today a part of my professional network.

What is the module you are in charge of about?
- The module is based on a seven weeks course in producing a visual identity complete with design manual and implementation. During the course they have several workshops and lectures around the subject of visual identity. E.g Typography, Identitiy via clothing, sketching & storyboard as well as leading design agencies sharing their experience in working whith visual identity.

What do you hope the Hyper Island students will take with them from your module?
A better understanding of what it means to develop a visual identity.

Sebastian Suarez-Golborne.

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