Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lecture spotlight: Edvard Scott on brand identity

Edvard Scott from Stockholm Design Lab gave a lecture to the Interactive Art Director program.

What is your background?
- I have no formal training, but I started out as an illustrator in 2003. I then proceeded to Stockholm Design Lab in 2005 as an intern where I still work as digital art director. Main expertise: Digital media and illustration. Hidden talents: I make an awesome lemon pie.

What drew you to Stockholm Design Lab?
- The visual language and aesthetics of Stockholm Design Lab was something that caught my attention many years ago, and is also the main reason why I applied for a job. SDL is a great place - not to big and not to small, lovely people and it has a great view. We have a lot of fun working together and we constantly take on new interesting challenges. I can't say to much about the projects I'm currently working on but I'll list the clients: Morphic, HyundaiCard and ABSOLUT to mention a few.

What did you talk about with the Hyper Island students?
I showed the students a few SDL projects and some other case studies that we at SDL admire. And I tried to explain what defines a strong identity. A brief recap: The perception of a brand is dependent on its slightest components.

What kind of know-how will become paramount in the media industry in the years to come? What advice can you give the Hyper Island students?
- We dont differentiate between design, architecture, interiors, product development, advertisements, film and other forms of communication. Today this is a position that makes SDL rather unique. I'm eager to see other design studios apply their philosophy and visual language in a wider perspective; I'd love to see an airline by Build or a food store chain by MadeThought or M/M Paris. Gathering people with diverse expert knowledge under one roof will be more common in 10 years. Advice? Just do it.

Sebastian Suarez-Golborne.

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