Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Postcards from Digital Media students in NYC #2

We arrived to New York full of grace, but at first we didn't understand this place.
Walking out the door we first felt insecure.
Taking the MTA we couldn't find our way.
A visit we got from a New York City cop, rules we learned and knowledge we earned.

As days passed by we felt more alive.
We learned how to find, all across town.

People are funny, they sing in the subway but not for money.
One week has passed, we started to work at last.
It's a thrill, we managed to survive because of night quill.

Our plan is to stay as long as we may.
Now we aim for the stars as we rock, because we are hypers from the block.

Don't miss us to much, we promise to keep in touch.

- Daniel Piquer, Félix Hill, Petter Säfwenberg & Madonna Arsan, Digital Media 2009 Stockholm

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Interactive Art Director students win competition!

Hyper Island Interactive Art Director 2008 students Namroud Gorguis and Nadia El-Imam won Xtraworks' competition for Swedish Rescue Services Agency website Skyddsnätet.se.

During 3 short weeks in October/November, the Swedish Rescue Services Agency website Skyddsnätet.se advertised a competition through Xtraworks, where the request was for ideas on how to create an interactive and educational website for Skyddsnätet.se aimed at the hard-to-get target group young people and children, ages 4-18.

Eight great proposals were received, but only one of them instantly stood out as the clear winner.

“The choice of Namroud Gorguis and Nadia El-Imam's proposal was immediate, as it contained all the ingredients we were looking for alongside with some unexpected and great new ideas. In their proposal we saw an unusual graphic solution, a beautiful and very creative, comprehensive and easily adaptable design which attracts kids and youngsters, as well as the older part of our audience - something we did not at all expect. They came up with very creative ideas on how to adapt and divide the site in proactive and reactive, a website strategy that we’re missing today. The focus on attractive, interactive parts, mobile content and the educational way to structure the features impressed us in a big way,” says Victoria Egler, head of marketing at Skyddsnätet.se.

Namroud Gorguis and Nadia El-Imam both graduated from Hyper Islands Interactive Art Director program in June of this year and are now working as conceptual Interactive Art Directors. Sometimes on their own, sometimes side by side. Namroud Gorguis explains:
“Me and Nadia as a team, play very well together. This is not the first assignment we do together, and it won’t be the last. We both live and work in Stockholm and previous to Hyper Island we both have a few years in the business, but our experience at Hyper Island made us what we are today.”

The brief from Skyddsnätet.se was short and clear; they wanted to accomplish a comprehensive change to the existing website material in order to better communicate with the specified target group, with focus on interaction, design, search ways and mobile content.

“Our need for an effective way to communicate with the target group is acute, and because of this we chose to skip the traditional advertising pitch in order to save time and to get input from more liberal minds, and that’s why we chose Xtraworks as our partner in this mission. We are very happy with the outcome and believe that we got more out of working with Xtraworks creative minds than we would have gotten from the traditional agency during such a short time span,” Victoria Egler adds.
She continues, “In Namroud and Nadias proposal we identified a new graphical way of adapting a website design, a close to revolutionary and very compelling strategy which I believe would be very hard to match even for the most established agencies that we normally work with.”

We congratulate Namroud and Nadia on a fantastic job!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Postcards from Digital Media students in NYC #1

Hej from NYC.
After spending 3 months in New York I have the strange feeling of belonging here. Maybe I'm just too adjustable?
Manhattan is an enormous, fantastic, exhausting and for many, a lonely place. But I find it comforting and relaxing to know there are 1,620,687 (approximately) people living together on a small island.

I spend my days at TODA, The Office of Design and Architecture, I think one of the best places I could have ended up at my internship.
As a former fine arts student and lately digital media student, these incredible(and patient) designers are teaching me the art of graphic design from scratch. Never shaking their heads when it comes to my limited skills in kerning.

Everyday activities in the city includes: walking a lot, the occasionally after work beer, studying design, reading books at my rooftop, learning to play an instrument, wasting Sundays in coffee shops, freezing, sweating, eating with friends, (never cooking), walking in the park (norwegians need their Sunday walk...), mailing with Hyper Islanders in San Francisco, knitting, spending 3 hours in book shops, eggs and bloody mary brunches in Brooklyn, going to museums, eating enormous amounts of popcorn at the cinema, making new friends, going to concerts, and at the end of the day climb up the 7 stairs to my overpriced 2 square meter room in the East Village for a good nights sleep.

To be honest, I'm not homesick at all.

-Aina Cecilie Ørebech, Digital Media 2009 Karlskrona

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hyper Island students part of Smashing Magazine list

Digital Media 2009 Stockholm student Daniel Stenberg's portfolio was noted out as one of "50 Beautiful And Creative Portfolio Designs" by Smashing Magazine.
Says the Magazine:
"Daniel Stenberg frames each of his works beautifully and allows users to navigate through them horizontally. The result is a clean and simple but effective portfolio design."

Congratulations also to Amber Sellers, Hyper Island Crew 10 graduate, whose portfolio EveningLab was part of the list as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recruitment Tour: Barcelona

I have been a part of Hyper Island for two and a half years now. Two years as a student of the Digital Media Program and half a year as a co-worker with the title Project Manager. The fuel that keeps Hyper Island running is based on passion, ambition, lots of magic and lots of trust. That’s why I, as a former student and co-worker for less then 6 months, could be trusted with the assignment going on a Recruitment Tour. The assignment to represent Hyper Island and evaluate and recruit potential students and provide our current students with the chance to evaluate their internship so far.

When Chiefs Executives, Projects Managers, Creative Directors, Designers and Developers asked me "How can our agency get closer to your students", I feel so inspired and happy.
For some reason, our students are able to become a part of agencies almost instantly after arriving. They generally understand the culture of the agencies and their new co-workers pretty instantly. They understand what the assignments require of them and they take it very seriously. Many agencies find the students trustworthy with deliveries to real clients. And there are also a lot of trust being built on the knowledge that the students are taking responsibility for asking for help or clarification of assignments when necessary.

I started to really think about what my co-workers and I do… seriously!
My conclusion of the secret of Hyper Island is this…

Trust really makes people grow, inclusion is necessary in order to create passion and commitment, clear communication of needs and expectations provide safety, understanding and respect. Bravery is what you need to speak about your fears, and you need to feel worthy to be able to claim your right to fulfil your needs.

But what we really do, our secret, is that we work with our students and guide them, challenge them, so that they become brave and realize that they are just as worthy.

All my love to Hyper Island for inspiring people to be cutting edge within digital and interactive media.

-Sofia Arvegård, Project Manager, Hyper Island Stockholm

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hyper Island visits Saco fair

Hyper Island visited Saco's fairs in Stockholm and Malmö earlier this fall. Hyper Island staff and students answered a lot of questions about Hyper Island, for example:
Do you earn a lot of money after graduating at Hyper Island?
As always, this differs from person to person, but generally Hyper Island students go into an industry that is well paid. Not only in money but also in experiences and knowledge. Many of our students go abroad, which gives them an understanding of other cultures, which can't be measured in any currency.

So you're saying you have no books, no class rooms, no teachers, no grades...? What DO you have?
We have real projects, real clients, and a big group of students who are eager to learn, from each other and from the industry professionals who come to Hyper Island to lecture and hold work shops.

Are you a hair dressing school?
Nope. I think we need to think of some new signs for our fair booth...

I would like to go to Hyper Island but I'm not a designer and I don't know how to create a web site.
Hyper Island is not a design school per say, we're a digital media school that offers full time students three different programs:
- Digital Media, where you come to acquire a broad understanding of the roles in the digital media industry, and you choose one field to specialize within: management, design or technology. This 2-year program includes a 90 week internship placement period.
- Interactive Art Director, is a perfect 1-year program for you if you have a minimum of two years of design work or education experience and want to take your knowledge to the next level. The program focuses on various aspects of design (for example interaction design, interface design and branding) and leadership within creative teams. This program includes a 13-week internship placement period.
- Digital Business Management's main focus is to educate students to meet the upcoming needs for modern and visionary management in companies, organisations and projects. The content of every management role is to truly understand the systems of business and the systems of productive teams, and this 1-year program helps students become wizards in business and group dynamics. Digital Business Management also includes a 13-week internship placement period.
As long as you're eager and curious you will learn what you need to work successfully in the digital industry!

I'm not very good in English, are all your programs in English?
Yes, all our programs are in English starting fall 2009. We're now giving English speaking students with all nationalities the chance to study at Hyper Island too. Don't worry, your English will be just fine. Most Swedes are better at English than they think. If you're rusty, then grab the opportunity to learn from your classmates!

We ended up having talked to around 800 potential students - we're hoping to see them at Hyper Island next year!


For the second year in a row held, we a competition to win an iPod among our fair booth visitors. We congratulate the lucky winners, Patricia and Fredrik!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Congratulations to this year's best Swedish web companies

- according to Swedish advertising magazine Resumé:

1. Deasign (1)
2. Daddy group (2)
3. Doberman (3)
4. Söderhavet (new)
5. Ottoboni Group (new)
6. Creuna (5)

(Last year's placements in parenthesis)

We're proud to say that Hyper Island graduates currently work at all of these companies - except at Söderhavet, whom we are currently collaborating with for our upcoming Master Class She Creatives.

Congratulations to all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hyper Island students' soccer teams


Hyper Island's 2010 students have been playing soccer on Sundays from 7.30-9.00PM throughout the fall. You can follow the team on Facebook.
As the winter approaches the days are getting shorter and colder, the soccer practices have been saved by moving into a rented indoor field at Chapmanskolan in Karlskrona.

The team members, who call themselves 'FC Hyper Island'. Those interested in joining the team or show fan appreciation can get in touch with Linus Larsson or Åsmund Naes , both Digital Media 2010 Karlskrona students.

All above photos by Tove Svensson, Digital Media 2010 Karlskrona.


Peter Jonasson of Digital Media 2010 Stockholm tells us about the class' team:
'Stockholm HISCORES' is Digital Media 2010 Stockholm's cream of the crop (or who ever want's to play). We played Digital Media 2009 Stockholm twice. We tied the first game, but lost the second (it was a real exciting game). Now those bastards are on internships so we aren't able to face them again. When it comes to keep in shape, soccer is a great way to do that. Chasing a round thing all around a field trying to get it inside a reqtangle with a net. Allthough we never practice we give everything every game. Most of us hang out in the gym instead, to prevent sore backs and to be able to look like real dudes when we hit the beach in 2013, or 2019.

When the new class of '11 start here next year we are going to play better than ever. If the Karlskrona bunch are going to Stockholm sometime soon we will also show them who is the kings and queens of the fabulous game of soccer And anyone else for that matter. We are always on stand-by to play anyone who dares to face The HISCORES. C'mon!

We have a feeling a Digital Media 2010 vs. Digital Media 2010 match will be coming up!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hyper Island featured in article and newsletters

On December 5th 2008, Hyper Island was featured in a press release article on Market Watch, part of The Wall Street Journal's digital network.
Read the article here!

News about Hyper Island's Recruitment Tour's stop in NYC has also been seen in the Consulate General of Sweden's newsletter e-mail "Fresh from Sweden":
"Swedish Digital Media School Hyper Island Comes to New York On Global Student Recruitment Tour

December 19-21
The world-renowned Swedish digital media school Hyper Island has launched a global recruitment tour to meet potential new students from around the world. Together with students, Hyper Island staff will tour world cities to meet up with creative people that are interested in becoming Hyper Island students for the fall 2009. The tour reaches New York on December 19-21, 2008.

Hyper Island runs long term programs for Digital Media, Interactive Art Director and Business Management, with more than over 260 full-time students per year. The methodology is all about real cases, by real people. Hyper Island's extraordinary mixture of lecturers from around the world, together with the opportunity to acquire an international
internship placement, prepares students for work around the
globe. Most importantly, graduates learn how to learn; they leave Hyper Island with knowledge on how to continue to evolve, which is a tool they will use throughout their careers."

On the Consulate's site, you can also read about Hyper Island's participation in a seminar on cutting-edge creative earlier this fall. Read more!

Hyper Island has also been seen in the newsletter of Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK regarding our upcoming UGL Leadership Seminar taking place in London on the 16th of February 2009.

"A seminar together with Hyper Island on UGL. UGL originates from the Swedish armed forces with the purpose of supporting companies and organisations in the creating, managing and increasing of well-being, quality and profitability.
Time: 18.00 - 20.00
Venue: To be confirmed
Price: There is no charge for this event
Read more: www.scc.org.uk
For further information and to sign up, please email:

Read more about UGL!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Digital pioneer visits Hyper Island

Digital pioneer Daniele Fiandaca, CEO, Profero, London, presents some words of interactive communication wisdom, exclusively to Hyper Island-students this week. Photo: Johan Dahlfors

During this week’s Eurobest festival in Stockholm, we invited Daniele Fiandaca to hold an exclusive lecture at Hyper Island, Telefonplan, Stockholm.
Daniele is a well-known central figure in the explosion of digital communication coming out of London for the last ten years. Daniele is not only the European CEO of hugely successful digital agency Profero, but also the founder and leader of the network Creative Social, a collection of the finest and most highly ranked creative directors in the digital world. Read more here.

Among many other things Daniele answered his own question "Has digital agencies failed?", giving Hyper Island students a new perspective on what is next to come in digital communication.
For all of those who want to get closer to the highly regarded Creative Social network of top digital talent, please apply to the Hyper Island Creative Social Academy. The next phase of the course starts soon.

In association with the Hyper Island workshop held at this week’s Eurobest festival, watch an interview with Hyper Island CEO Mattias Hansson here.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Business Management students' project for curing children's cancer

Business Management 2009 students Peter Hagander, Frida Öhrman, Rasmus Bjurström and Michaela Modig are currently finalizing a Final Project created for Barncancergalan (Childrens' cancer gala), taking place at Nalen in Stockholm on December 22nd.

The group has created a marketing campaign named "Perspective - 29 days", which combines digital and physical marketing with the aim to bring attention to the importance for all children to be able to be happy and playful - including those with cancer.

"Can you imagine going through childhood without hair?"

The campaign includes guerilla marketing; golden ribbons with messages, like the one above, have been placed all over Stockholm, web marketing such as users being able to connect to the campaign on Facebook (in Swedish), radio spots as well as commercial film which will air on Swedish TV8 during the weeks of December 8th and 15th.
The commercial film is made by Therese Larsson and Markus Gustafsson, both Digital Media 2010 Karlskrona students.

This week, the group can be found on Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. Visitors can find out more about the purpose of the gala, as well as donate money directly to Barncancerfonden's (Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation) research to cure children's cancer.

The group's work has already attracted attention, an interview can be heard 8.30 minutes into a P4 Blekinge broadcast here (in Swedish).

"It feels as though we, together with all the other contributors and distributors, have gotten a chance to really make a difference through this project", Project Manager Peter says.

Inspiration for us all!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Interactive Art Director student among competition winners

We're very happy to congratulate Thea Hamrén, Interactive Art Director 2009 student, for winning second place in the previously blogged about Max Ernst competition, initiated by Moderna Museet.

Said the jury:
"[Thea's work] shows genuine understanding of Ernst's world of images. In fact, it seems like it could be part of one of his works. Aesthetically appealing, artistically sensitive and fun. It would be wonderful to have this font on our computers!"

In Thea's own words, her submission "was inspired by the works of Max Ernst and the world of surrealism I created my 'Ernst Headline' font to play with the borders between illustration, art and typography.
I worked with pencils rubbing over different surfaces to create textures, and collage."

Congratulations Thea!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Interactive Art Director students in commercial film competition

World Childhood Foundation, lead by Queen Silvia of Sweden, collaborates with charity organizations all over the world. The foundation aims to support those organizations that work directly with children who are often forgotten; street children, children at institutions, and sexually abused mothers and children.

With the aim to educate people about Childhood's work, Swedish supermarket chain Ica and World Childhood Foundation initiated a competition to give six filmmakers the opportunity to create a commercial film about the Foundation. Out of 47 submissions, Ica and Childhood selected six ideas - we're proud to announce that two of the commercial film ideas chosen were created by a some of our 2009 Interactive Art Director students.

Click here to view all six selected commercials - the Hyper Island students' submissions are:
Film #5 - "Lekfullt" - Ola Lissbrant and Filip Kleremark
Film #6 - "Flickan" - Alicia Rissler, Kalle Engström and Fredrik Lund-Hansen - together with photographer Ellen Kugelberg.

The slogan "Barn ska få vara barn" can be translated roughly to "Children should be able to be children" - all children have a right to their childhood.

The winners are determined by popular vote - the first place winning commercial will be shown on television.
You can vote for your favorite commercial until December 12, here!

Best of luck to Filip Kleremark, Ola Lissbrant, Kalle Engström, Alicia Rissler and Fredrik Lund-Hansen!

Monday, November 24, 2008

AKQA London's Nick Turner lecture at Hyper Island

In October 2008, Group Creative Director Nick Turner from AKQA London came to Hyper Island Stockholm and held a lectured for our Interactive Art Director students. We wanted to catch up with Nick and ask him about what's going on in the industry:

What’s AKQA all about?
AKQA is a recognised pioneer and innovator, that provides ideas, insights, marketing, technology and e-commerce solutions to the world's leading brands. We are an independent agency with offices in London, Amsterdam, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and Shanghai. You can see some examples of our work here: akqa.com

What skills does AKQA see a need for in the industry right now?
The industry needs more people who can create world-class ideas that fuse great communication, innovative technology and incredible execution. We are always looking for world-class talent across every creative discipline – people who understand the role of digital and can create award-winning solutions that make AKQA’s clients more successful.

What qualities does AKQA appreciate in a team member?
Talent, honesty and dedication, with an extraordinary ambition to be successful.

Why did you want to come and speak at Hyper Island?
AKQA is looking for the next generation of global creative directors, and believes the way Hyper Island educates its students creates the type of person we see filling this role in the future. We want to inspire as many graduates as possible to aspire to work at AKQA.

Your lecture included an elaborate Q&A session, why?
We wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to ask a question. I always find the most interesting part of any talk is the Q&A session, because the questions (and hopefully the answers) are more relevant to the audience.

Tell us more about how in the industry and with clients, it's all about discussions between people to reach an agreement?
AKQA tries to take its clients’ businesses to places they never thought possible. Innovative work comes from great relationships with clients. Many of the projects AKQA works on are complex and involve lots of different people with many different skills. It’s critical everyone understands each element of what is being created, especially when you’re trying to do something that has never been done before.

Did you discover something about how Hyper Island educates that you found unique?
I was amazed at the enthusiasm and self-motivation shown by the students. They were there because they wanted to be and not just because it was something to do. They are well organised and very professional; it felt like an actual company.

Any words of advice for our students who are going out to do their internships?
Work hard and behave as if you already work there. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Learn something every day. Always ask for feedback on how to improve. Make yourself indispensable. Buy the Creative Director lots of expensive gifts.

Thank you, Nick!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Golden Stiletto Awards

Hyper Island collaborates with U.K. based She Says in creating She Creatives, a Master Class course aimed specifically at female industry professionals already working as creatives.

She Says has just launched The Golden Stiletto Award which celebrates female creativity. Says She Says:
"Our objective is to celebrate great work and inspire more females to kick up their heels and join the digital advertising industry!"
An all female judging panel made up of distinguished creatives in the advertising industry will decide who will win the golden stiletto shoe - the first ever wearable award!

Creative work have been submitted during the last few weeks - the winners will be announces on November 19th 2008, at the Getty Gallery in Soho, London.
As part of the price, a place on the prestigious She Creatives Master Class in February 2009 will be offered to the winner.

Find out more about the Awards at She Says' website.
Connect with She Says at She Says' Facebook page.

What do I do?

Hyper Island Stockholm co-worker Maria tells us about what she works on right now:

God, if only I knew!
Let me start by introducing myself:
My name is Maria, I'm 23 (turning 24 April 18! Don't forget to congratulate me!), and since the 28th of April I'm in love. His (or her!?) name is Hyper island, and we might get married one day.
So, I spend most of my time with Hyper Island: I might be with Hyper island on a student fair in Oslo (in January - come and see us!) or I'm talking to some Spanish, Australian or Brazilian (or skåning or German) guy or girl who wants to attend a Hyper Island Master Class.
It could also be that I'm chasing photos from former Hyper Island Master Class students, such as the guys from Hyper Island Creative Social Academy, or maybe I am busy organising a Hyper Island Session.

I share my love with some friends, but no need to worry - there's no jealousy involved.
We miss two ladies in the crew though - Regina & Malin, there are two empty seats but me and Hyper Island look forward to seeing them again soon! Thank you for everything!

At the moment I do a lot of thinking about how the Hyper Island Master Class for Creatives in Karlskrona is (it's happening as we speak!), how the participants are finding the course and if they like the food and if they get enough coffee and if they get enough sleep and if.... well, I suppose you get the point?
I'm sure it will be fine though, up until now all of our Master Class participants have been really happy about the course, and quite a few people from the industry likes us too.

This love has developed to be a new course: Hyper Island Master Class for She Creatives, We're so excited about this and can't wait until the 4th of February when the course starts.

That's it for now, do you want to know more about what I do? Or about Hyper Island? Or about the weather in Sweden?
E-mail me!

Thank you Maria!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello Hiba from Young Leaders Visitors Program

Svenska institutet and Hyper Island's collaboration Young Leaders Visitors Program which focuses on social media as a tool for positive change, is currently taking place at Hyper Island Stockholm.
The program aims to lay the foundations for a long-lasting and mutually rewarding relationship between Sweden, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine by strengthening and connecting influential voices in both regions. We were curious to find out more from one of the course attendees.

Hello Hiba, where are you from?
I am Lebanese but I was born in Ghana, Africa where my parents currently live. I have moved around a lot for both education and work. So I believe that I am a citizen of the world.

What do you do in your home country?
I am a double agent: During the day, I work as a creative director for DDB (based between Dubai and Kuwait). I work in mainstream with both the private and government sector and on CSR programs as part of the pro-bono work we do. While during the night, I strive to become a freer artist by becoming a better human. I am constantly looking for new challenges and new mediums for much needed change.

What is the course you're attending about?
The course is Young Leaders Visitors Program, the Swedish Institute initiative that will provide us with all the tools and processes to shape public opinion using social networking.

Is the course meeting your expectations?
The whole program has been well organized in which diverse areas of leadership and team building, social networking techniques and shared experiences and knowledge are covered. Although it is too early in the program to make a clear conclusion, but it has certainly been a valuable learning experience.

What learning experiences do you think you'll bring back with you once the course is over?
In addition to all the interactive media techniques and communication, one main value I will definitely carry back with me is the realization of the possibility of change.

What expectations did you have before arriving in Sweden?
Born an idealist that sometimes borders on naivety, my expectations are always BIG! I want change- a 'new' revolution that will see change in myself, my country and the world. I've hoped Sweden will help provide the tools of change. To quote John Mayer, I certainly don't want to wait on the world to change.

What surprised you about Hyper Island once you arrived?
The freedom of expression and experimentation that the students are given. It is very refreshing to see and be part of. The students work with the idea of anything is possible is certainly inspiring!

What's culturally different between your home country and Sweden?
Lebanon is a country under-construction. It is a country that has still not found its true identity. I'm not sure if finding an identity is the solution or as Rem Koolhaas said in his book SMLXL it is just a mouse trap. What is certain is that Lebanon is rich with its diversity (multi-cultural and multi-religious) that has coexisted side-by-side throughout history. This small country with its unlimited human potential has shown continuous resilience throughout its long eventful past and has been the yearning of every Lebanese in diaspora.

Thank you Hiba!

More information on the course can be found on Svenska institutet's site.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Best wishes to Digital Media 2009

Thursday evening, November 6th, we celebrated our Digital Media 2009 Stockholm students who will start their internships next week.
Our Stockholm students will be joining Digital Media Karlskrona students who are currently at companies all over the world, doing their internships since August this year.

With placements in London, Stockholm, New York City, Los Angeles, Boulder, Göteborg, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney and Skellefteå, we wish our students the best of luck! We look forward to hearing of your future learning experiences.

You, too, can follow the students at their DM09 Stockholm blog.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Interactive Art Director students enter Moderna Museet competition

Max Ernst (1891–1976) was a German painter and one of the 1900's most important and influential artists. He was a visionary who nowadays is considered one of Dadaism and Surrealism's main representatives.

Moderna Museet in Stockholm is currently presenting an exhibition of Ernst's work. In connection with the show, the museum initiated a competition with a brief to create a typeface and a Max Ernst headline inspired by the artist's work. The typeface could be created in any format, such as vector, watercolor, 3d, or sculpture.

Hyper Island Interactive Art Director students Pål Linder and Anna Jensen entered the competition with a submission that was inspired by the art form readymade.
"We wanted to create a font based on symbols that reflect Max Ernst's life", the two explain.

View Pål and Anna's submission here. (Text in Swedish)

Symbol descriptions:
M · Eau de Cologne - Max was born outside Cologne
A · Train - As a child Max dreamed to become a lineman
X · Weapons - Max participated in the First World War
E · Hat - The Hat Makes the Man - a painting by Max Ernst
R · Birds - Birds were meaningful motives in Max Ernst's work
N · 8 & S · 5 - Max Ernst passed away at the age of 85
T · Apple - Max Ernst sought new knowledge throughout his life

All competition submissions can be viewed here.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hyper Island Workshop at Eurobest Festival!

The Hyper Island way: learn creative group dynamics to create profitable effectiveness
Monday 1 December, 09.00 - 13.00
Strindbergssalen - Berns, Näckströmsg. 8, Stockholm, Sweden

For the first time ever, the world renowned digital education company Hyper Island offer advertising/web/design professionals an opportunity to learn how individuals can help themselves and their work groups to perform even better.

Come and take part in the unique Hyper Island learning experience. Prepare to be thrown into a workshop that is a condensed version of what has been creating some of the world's most sought-after creative talents for more than thirteen years now.
Learn the Hyper Island way!

Please note: Delegates must pre-register for this workshop as demand is expected to be high.
Click here to find out more on how to apply!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Freedom of information in the Middle East

Young Leaders Visitors Program which focuses on social media as a tool for positive change, is currently taking place at Hyper Island Stockholm.
Course attendees are from Sweden, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, and are actively working for social development in their respective contexts.

Young Leaders Visitors Program attendees Wael Abbas and Maha Aswad from Egypt and Palestinian Mira Nabulsi have been interviewed by Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter regarding struggles for outspoken blogs and freedom of speech in the Middle East.

Read the interview here:
In Swedish
In English (Google Translate)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What is Hyper Island Creative Social Academy about?

Who better to ask than actual Hyper Island Creative Social Academy attendees? Clara Burguillo and Nobert "Nobs" Rieger attended the course earlier this month. This is what they had to say:

Where are you from?
Clara: I am Spanish but currently I am working in London.
Nobs: I am from Munich, Germany.

What do you do in your home country?
Clara: I am a junior graphic designer in a digital agency (I mostly work on web pages mostly, sometimes I do banners).
Nobs: I am working here for Plan.Net. I work in the sector of online advertisement. I am allowed to create really cool innovative online stuff: unexpected online ads, banners and websites full with ideas.

How did you find Hyper Island?
Nobs: My Creative Director told me to meet him in his office. Then he told me about the Master Class and Hyper Island.

What expectations did you have before arriving in Sweden?
Clara: To learn more about digital industry and get more confident in my work.
Nobs: One quote from Roger of course: "I can already now say that you will have long and intensive working hours from morning til evening." But I also thought of very creative tools to think out of the box, I thought about a program which probably will be extremely team player orientated. Furthermore I have to admit, that I also thought about having fun and parties with guys from all over the world. Fun I had a lot, party not really.

What is Hyper Island Social Academy about?
Clara: It is about mixing 12 people from different countries, shaking them and having a wonderful cocktail that you send back again. The taste is highly addictive!
Nobs: It is about global team play, about trusting each other. It is about solving problems you never thought that even could exist before. It is about changing perspective everybody is used to. It is about thinking out of the box, jump over the barriers in the head. It is about learning from each other and learning from mistakes (Roger and Åsa are no teachers, they only direct the way you go). It is about to be a psychologist in order to succeed most effective with/in a team. You need a team to make something really big and great.

Clara's group at 2 in the morning druing first group project. "I find it significant because even if everybody is really tired they listen carefully to others’ intervention, ready to get and give the best", Clara tells us.

How did the course change you?
Clara: I am better person (hehehehe). Well, I realized that I can be resourceful and get inspiration from everyone and everywhere. I also learnt to think big all the time: it is a good exercise for the brain!
Nobs: I learned a lot of things about myself, which I never could learn anywhere else. I had a chance, to see my reactions and behaviours in tasks from a new perspective. I had time to watch different personalities working together. I now know more about my psychological skills to push people, to motivate teammates and to bring my ability into projects - exactly at the right time. I even often catch me when I am reflecting about some projects. :)

What do you think the experience gained by the attendees being from different countries and cultures?
Clara: It helps to see different ways of working but also many things in common that make us feel "in the same boat": it unifies energies and strengthen motivation.
Nobs: There were insights into all types of agencies. There were a lot of different personalities and approaches. Because of a few guys from non-english-speaking countries the language barrier was not so high. It is a very valuable network we created all over the world. We all will keep in touch and will be able to collect experience in different countries much more easier.

Did the course exceed your expectations?
Clara:I knew a little bit about Hyper Island's pedagogic system but I never expect that it could be so rewarding: I left physically worn out but emotionally full of energy.
Nobs: Yes. I didn't expect that so much psychology is necessary to be a good teamplayer. I did not know that a team can be so powerful. I expected hard working days but shorter ones. I was very surprised to learn without teachers. The whole thing was much bigger i could imagine before.

If you were to recommend the course to someone, what would you say?
Clara: Probably once in a lifetime opportunity.
Nobs: Take the big chance and give your best. It is not only a creativity course. It is a big life experience, it is a program to solve all kinds of problems and even chaos. It is a program to hold out and never give up. It is working as a team player and living as a person in relationship, it is about learning to give feedback, about motivation. It is about trusting each other and manage it TOGETHER.

Thank you Clara and Nobs!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two of Hyper Island's Master Classes

Hyper Island recently completed Hyper Island Creative Social Academy, which took place in Karlskrona. We caught up with Hyper Island's Maria Eriksson to find out more on what the 5-day Master Class was about and what the attendees learned.

What was the Hyper Island Creative Social Academy about?
The course started on the 14th of October in Karlskrona, the participants may have expected a soft start - but that's not how we do it at Hyper Island and they were, I think, a little bit shocked after the first two days, it was late evenings and early mornings.
The course focused on digital and interactive development and also about group dynamics and self development.
One of the participants wrote this afterwards, I think it describes it quite well:
"Hyper Island with all of you wonderful guys switched the light on in another room surrounding mine so that I can see the glowing door crack. Now it's up to me to go to that door and open it."

Where were the attendees from?
They were from Denmark, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Germany, Great Britain and Spain.

From an outsider's perspective, what do you think the attendees learned from each other?
I think they learned everything they learned from each other and themselves. What we do is to give the group tools to learn, there's no one there to tell them what's right and wrong, we're only there to guide them.

Why do you think Hyper Island Master Classes are so appreciated?
We do what we have done for 13 years: A mix of both the "soft stuff" and the "hard stuff", we have the most sought after digital media students in the world, and the feedback we get from the industry is that this is what matters. It's a five day course, but what you take with you from these days goes way beyond this short period of time, it's something you bring with you for life.

Tell me about the Master Class that is taking place in Stockholm right now:
It is an Hyper Island and Svenska Institutets collaboration, Young Leaders Visitors Program, is currently being held in Hyper Island's Stockholm premises. But I believe more information about the course and interviews with attendees will be posted on the blog soon.

For more information on the two Master Classes:
Hyper Island Creative Social Academy
Young Leaders Visitors Program

Thank you Maria!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Andreas tells us about his work at Hyper Island Stockholm

Our continuous technical savior Andreas answers a few questions about his work;

What do you do at Hyper Island?
The official title is janitor and technical assistant. Basically I attend to the premises and act as first-line support towards students and co-workers, when it comes to the more practical and logistic issues at Hyper Island.

How did you find the school?
Actually the school found me, last year they were looking for someone with my qualifications, and I kind of fit the description of what they were looking for, if I recall correctly, the ad said “house-elf”.

What do you appreciate most about working at the school?
Never a dull moment. There is always something that needs to be fixed or a problem solved, so the best thing is really, that you never know exactly what your workday will look like. Great fun, and also challenging in many ways, because some of the things that involve caretaking of the premises and equipment are not always that obvious, so often you have to do research and find an unique solution to the problem.

What's the funniest thing a student has asked you?
Once a student asked me if it were okay to bring his bed to the school. That is of course not possible, due to safety reasons, but some students really like this school so much, they never want to leave.

What advice do you have for students who want to apply to Hyper Island?
The most important thing to bring to Hyper Island as a student is your mind and a good portion of curiosity. Of course it helps to have a computer, and some basic skills in using it, but that’s just a tool, as long as you have your creativity and the will to learn new things, then you are ready to attend courses at Hyper Island.

Thank you Andreas!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hyper Island student designs Cap&Design cover

Digital Media 2009 Karlskrona student Simone Magurno tells us how he ended up creating the cover for the latest issue of Cap&Design:

A few weeks ago, Johan Blomgren from Cap&Design contacted me through my Behance profile, asking me to collaborate with Cap&Design for the cover art of their next issue.
Issue #8 is a typography special and the Art Director briefed me with the following guidelines:
- 3D perspective lettering
- Technical feel to it
- Capture the feeling of making a font (they were having a feature article about the making of the typeface "Enighet" and I was supposed to use a specific glyph from the font)
- Use of color and freestyle elements on white background
- 2 days turnaround

The issue can be found in stores now!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Experience Technology 2008

On Friday this week - October 24th 2008 - the current Digital Media students from both Stockholm and Karlskrona are coming together for an exhibition to present the fruit of their labor in module "Experience Technology".
Up until the show, 21 project groups will have worked with 5 different types of technologies (one each) for three weeks, with the goal of coming up with a cutting edge digital experience using the most anticipated and upcoming technologies of today.

The free exhibition is open to the public!
Address: Telefonvägen 30 on Telefonplan in Stockholm.
Opening hours: 16.00-19.00

More information can be found on the exhibition site: www.et08.com


Photo: Viveca Forsblom Ljungdahl, DM10STO

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hello Therese in Karlskrona

Hello Therese Larsson, current Digital Media student in Karlskrona.

How did you find Hyper Island?
I found it through a friend who had a brother who had attended Hyper Island. So it was a long way around, by word of mouth.

Why did you choose Hyper Island over other schools?
Because it was something different, and that I had heard it was not like a regular school with ordinary teachers and homework, but with seminars held by business professionals as well as different types of projects. Of course I wanted to try it.

What module are you working on now?
Experience technology, which has proven to be a rather demanding but fun module!

What have you learned so far?
I have evolved as an illustrator, but also been introduced to some new areas such as motion and tech. But I think I've grown more as a group member than anything else.

If someone asked you how you learn at the school, how would you explain it?
It's very difficult to explain, I think it has to be experienced in order to be fully understood. Sometimes I forget that we have co-workers, because most of the time the students rule the school. It's more like a workplace, or an internship, or why not a collective.
I think I would describe Hyper Island as a place where you seek out the information rather than get it served on a silver platter.

Thank you Therese!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hyper Island students and WESC awarded in London

We first wrote about Hyper Island students' final project for WESC in May last year. Crew 11 students Hanna Lundgren, Svetlana Bogatcheva, Hampus Hansson, Martin Klausen, Jonas Svensson and Alexander Svensson collaborated with Starcom in creating the successful campaign "Let's get physical" & "The Fashionably Loud Headphone Launch", which resulted in WESC selling over 200.000 headphones.

The work was awarded at the M&M Awards in London on September 11th where it was commended in category "Best Consumer Goods Campaign", and highly commended in "Best Use of the Web". The campaign was also nominated in "Best Use of Branded Content" and "Best Youth Campaign".

Part of the Hyper Island team and now WESC employee, Hanna Lundgren, accepted the award together with Konrad Bergström, WESC, Fredrik Svensson and Johan Falk, both from Starcom.


Photo courtesy of Dagens Media.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Come visit us!

Today Hyper Island Stockholm was visited by two young creatives from the Netherlands. We always enjoy having our future students and friends over to show you our premises and tell you more about what the school is about.
If you, too, have the possibility to visit us in Stockholm or in Karlskrona, get in touch and schedule a time to come over.

To visit Hyper Island in Stockholm and/or Karlskrona, please contact Regina Kjellberg.

Photos: Jonny von Wallström & Hampus Lideborg

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hyper Island Recruitment Tour Rider

For the second year in a row, I’m very glad to be the Project Manager for Hyper Island's world Recruitment Tour 2008/2009. If you’re around Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Warsaw, New York, Montreal, LA, San Francisco, Oslo, Prague, Barcelona soon and interested in becoming a Hyper Island student in Sweden next year, apply here!

This is a unique opportunity for you to meet Hyper Island staff, and students and take part in our recruitment days to become a Hyper Island student in 2009.

Of course, every tour needs a Tour Rider. Amy Winehouse needs her Jack Daniels, Madonna includes packs of Swiss Ricola herb sweets in her rider.
Just to give you a hint of what to expect – here's the Hyper Island Tour Rider.

• ”Fikabröd” (Swedish for buns and cookies when we drink coffee. It's essential.)
• Löfbergs Lila or Gevalia Coffee.
Kalles Kaviar
• Ecological fruit (bananas, apples and pears is fine.)
• 6 bottles of natural spring water of the brand Ramlösa.
Filmjölk (soureed milk) and Müsli (the combination is divine).
• 12 packs of snus of the brand ”General”.
• Orange and apple juice.
• 10 jars of Lingonberry jam (if we bring some meatballs or just have it on top of a sandwich.)
• Herring (for our lunch-pack or just as a simple snack.)
• Shrimps (for the classic ”Räkmacka.)
• Different picked candy (so called ”små godis”. Cruciual.)
• Dillcrisps with garlic dip.
• If it's a Saturday we will definitely go out for drinks (or arrange a pre-party at someone's place). If it's a weekday we don't drink.
• Yoga relaxing room.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

/ Christian Olsson, Project Manager, at Hyper Island Stockholm
Photo: Jens Karlsson, Crew 5

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catching up with students in Karlskrona

Hi readers,

We are a mix of Swedish, Norwegian and Portuguese speaking students of Hyper Island, in the heart of Sweden, Karlskrona. At the moment we are working with a module called Experience Technology, where every group gets a technology to work on. Each group consists of four to five members and our group got an Arduino, which is an open source electronics prototyping platform.
Everyday has been a big challenge for us at Hyper Island, evolving ourselves in this amazing place by practicing learning how to learn. So far this journey has had some ups and downs, sometimes it feels frustrating due to our tight schedules, but when we succeed we feel great and proud of ourselves.
Today for instance we had some major problems on the developing side of our project, but we worked on it the whole day and that's why we are still sitting in school at 1 am. We can now breath and move on to the next challenges, because they will come.
Our main goal at the moment is to shine with our prototype at the exhibition in Stockholm in about two weeks. Because team building is a necessary tool to achieve effectiveness in a group we are constantly applying it to our method of working.

Frederico Phillips, Sebastian Rasch and Henrik Suryodono

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's it like working at Hyper Island?

I've been a shoe salesman, a programmer, a personal trainer. I've been an Internet guide, a team leader and a project manager. I've worked for small companies run by families and for large multinational companies run by guys who resemble G-man.

I've (almost) always been happy at my jobs, but I've never felt that I'm working at one of the best places in the world.

Until February 5th this year, that is. That's when I started working at Hyper Island.

Now you might be thinking that there's a difference between working as a clerk in a shoe store and working with digital media programs. You're right. But job description aside, there's a fundamental difference between Hyper Island and all the companies I've worked for before. This difference is the same thing that makes our students among the best in the world. We call it the Hyper Island way. It's no secret, but it can be hard to really understand if you're theoretically challenged (which I most certainly am - I need to experience stuff to really understand it). Now that I understand it, I can try to explain it.

Example one:
The other day, I was wondering whether I'm easy to read. My own opinion was that I wouldn't do very well in a poker game, but how did others perceive me? So I asked Roger (my boss). I don't think I've ever had a relationship with co-worker, let alone a leader, who I could ask for feedback on that level. (The answer was a little surprising: Roger perceived me as pretty good at keeping up appearances.)

Example two:
Speaking of keeping up appearances: I'm going through a pretty rough period right now. Breaking up with someone I really like made me a mess. On all my previous jobs, I'd wear a translucent mask in a situation like this. I would avoid talking to my colleagues, I wouldn't be laughing or telling jokes or eating lunch with them. Tons of stuff for their imagination to build windmills from, and fantasize about "what's his problem?". At Hyper Island, I could sit at the morning meeting and say "Guys, I went through a really rough patch yesterday, and I'm feeling really sad and broken. It's too hard to talk about it, and I'd prefer to be left alone today".

And so I got to be in my own little bubble, focusing hard on work. And once I was ready to talk about it, they listened and said smart stuff.

Example three:
Have you ever had an introduction with a new co-worker? "Hi, my name is so and so and I've been working there and there and I will be doing this and this". And then maybe a line about who s/he's married to, or living with and how many kids they have. Well, introductions here at Hyper Island are different. Instead of doing a live presentation of our resumés, we talk about who we are. I talked about how I grew up and about experiences and events that formed me as a human being. It's so much easier to understand each other when you see a person and not a walking CV.

Example four:
It's not only our students who practice learning by doing. We - I - do it all the time. We reflect about most things we do, what we can do different next time to do whatever it is even more effective. We ask for feedback from students, from each other, from lecturers and we consider all the feedback we get. There are two sides to each coin, and there's always something that can be tweaked or turned to make the machinery run even more smoothly the next time.

/Micke Kazarnowicz, Project Manager at Hyper Island

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What we also do at Hyper Island #2

To many people around the globe, Hyper Island is all about developing great, highly employable, creative talents - with a digital twist. And that's true. We are extremely proud of the nearly 300 students in training right now in our daytime programs in Karlskrona and Stockholm. But there is more to Hyper Island!

We are commited to support creative solutions, personal growth and great results by offering different concepts:

- Master classes (open and tailor made courses for - almost - everyone)
- A whole range of Leadership & Management courses
- Different possibilities for the industry to participate in and share the Hyper Island experience.

Here is today's Top Five List: Reasons To Sign Up For a Hyper Island Leadership & Management Course Today.

1. Many talk about the unique Hyper Island learning experience, a few have had the opportunity to actually experience it. This is your chance to get a close look at what 'learn how to learn' really can be about.
2. You will learn how to improve your effectiveness in your group, and all about group dynamics.
3. You will learn how to learn for the rest of your life by exploring yourself as an individual and a team member.
4. You will expand your professional network as a member of the Hyper Island family.
5. Tailor made or open course - Hyper Island always put all our effort into giving you a tailor made learning experience.

Sign up today! Find a Hyper Island Leadership & Management course that suits your needs here.

And please feel free to tell us about a Leadership & Management course that you would like us to create and offer. We look forward to interact with you!

/Mattias Hansson, CEO Hyper Island

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New York, New york!

As I have mentioned earlier on this blog, Hyper island CEO Mattias Hansson has been invited to participate in the New York based seminar Cutting-Edge Creative this week. This year Cutting Edge Creative will examine the growing influence and impact of Swedish creative agencies on the New York market.

What I haven´t mentioned is that Mattias will participate in another New York event next week. Click is a one-day digital advertising conference, aimed specifically at anyone involved in producing creative work online. Launched in 2005 in London, Click has established a world-class reputation in bringing together leading creatives and their clients from around the globe to discuss the current state of digital creativity. The focus is on great work and the people that do it. During the day they will showcase campaigns from the best in the business and bring together top creative talent, digital gurus, leading brands and the most popular media owners to discuss the hot topics facing everyone working in advertising today.

This year Click will take place in New York City and Hyper Island has been invited to discuss the reasons behind the fact that Hyper Island has been sending students for internship and work at US top agencies for more than thirteen years now.

Before Mattias jumpes on the plane, I decided to ask him a couple of questions about the event:

Mattias, what will you talk about?
- What we do to attract, educate and offer world class talent. And how we do it.

What else are you looking forward to during Click 2008?
- To meet the great talent already there. I had a great time at the Click event in London last year and many of the people I met there have become my friends. You can always add another friend in your life.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Acting classes at Hyper Island

Getting in control of your body language and real clients - That's what's happening in Karlskrona right now!

The new Business Management and Digital Media classes are right now doing a module called Communication Skills. This week they spend 4 days with an actor and theatre director, Johan Westermark. They practice presentation technique by getting to know their own body language and body status.

Today they are presenting various subjects in groups and Johan is filming them :)! Tomorrow they will all look at their filmed presentations and Johan will give them feedback on their technique. I think that's a brilliant example of learning by doing! A Business Management student, Erik Rosvall, summarise the week like this "One week together with Johan is like walking hand in hand with a lunatic - you never know what's going to happen next, BUT you know you'll have a hilarious and great time!"

New for this year and this module is that Business Management and Digital Media are working much more together. They are now sitting 4 persons, mixed groups, in each cell (as you might now the students have their work spaces in an old prison). This results in better understanding for each other, a bigger network and of course more than twice as many people to ask and have fun with!

Business Management 2009 started their second year with a challenging module called The Digital Industry Project. They have been divided in 6 groups and each group is working with two real clients - so at the moment 6 notable companies within the field of digital and interactive media and 6 NGO's receives help and inspiration regarding future strategies from our Business Management students.

They find the module really fun, challenging and worthwhile and the clients I've talked to are really pleased about the co-operation.

As a co-worker at Hyper Island I find it really inspiring, fun and worthwhile to work with all these creative, brilliant and eager students! I like it! :)

/Sofie Andersson, Project Manager at Hyper Island.

An island of hope!

Many guys don't wanna go to university these days. They want an education that leads straight to work. And a good place for that is Hyper Island. This is what the Stockholm based daily newspaper Stocholm City wrote yesterday. Have a look at the article called "An island of hope" here! Only in Swedish though!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Motion graphics is the new black!

One of the first modules at Hyper Island is a very practical course in motion graphics. This year in Stockholm, we let our Digital Media students and Interactive Art Director students take the course together. The teachers are former Hyper Island students Henrik Gårnheim, Rasmus Sjöborg and Kristoffer Övergaard and I asked them what the module is about.

- The students get two assignements during this week, one individual where they work with motion graphics in Flash, and one group assignement where they work with After Effect, a program for special effects. And since all three of us work with motion graphics we show them what kind of work we are doing where we are working, says Henrik and Rasmus.

How are the students doing?
- Great. They surprise us. There is a really good energy in these classes, says Henrik.

Why are motion graphics skills so important?
- Because many campaigns are made up by motion graphics. So you have to know how it works.

Which bureau does the best motion graphics campaigns right now?
- The people at the London based Hi-res make some really cool websites, says Rasmus.

Where are you guys working now?
- I work for B-reel, Rasmus works for Acne Digital and Kristoffer works for Perfect Fools, says Henrik.

What did you think of your own time at Hyper Island?
- It was really good. We went straight from school to the jobs we have now. The internship is what gave us the most, says Rasmus.

After interviewing the teachers, I talked to some of the students. They seem very pleased with this course.

- It has been really great. Time consuming but a lot of fun. And a good introduction to these programs, says Ola Lissbrandt.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Master Class for She Creatives - Join now!

Jessica Olander and Karin Ernerot from She Creatives.

As I have mentioned earlier on this blog, Hyper Island have developed a Master Class for women creatives, in cooperation with the Swedish network for female creatives: She Creatives, and the british dito She Says.

The first course will be held in november on Stumholmen in Karlskrona, and since it is time to apply, I decided to ask Annika Grundfors, our Marketing Manager who is responsible for this event, some questions about it.

What is the Master Class for She Creatives?
- The Master Class for She Creatives is an intensive crash course for five days in our own premises in what used to be a jail in Karlskrona. The old custody is located on Stumholmen, an island where the general public weren’t even allowed since it was used as a military area.

Who will attend?
- The Master Class will not only be attended by participants from She Creative but also from the UK based equivalence She Says and other female creatives from around the globe. This will be the perfect opportunity to boost your digital skills and work on your network!

What will happen during the course?
- The week will be filled with inspiration, networking and most of all: amazing lectures and workshops.

What do the patricipants get out of it?
- They will learn how to face clients in a better way, and be more convincing when presenting ideas and creative solutions. They boost their self-esteem and become a more edgy creative. They will get a greater toolbox when processing ideas for advertising, digital media and communication. They will broaden their knowledge about group dynamics and get the power to make a difference. They will get a better knowledge of the advantages and possibilities of being a she creative. And not to forget - they will create a strong sustainable network of other female creatives.

Read more about the Master Class for She Creatives here! You can also read an interview with Karin Ernerot from She Creatives and Laura Jordan Bambach from She says here. And to apply, click here!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hyper Island nominated to the Innovation Award 2008

Hooray! We are proud to announce that the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK has nominated Hyper Island for the Innovation Award 2008.

In 2006 they introduced a Life Time Achivement Award which was presented to Ingvar Kamprad at IKEA and an Innovation Award which was given to Niklas Zennström at Skype. Now The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is preparing a new profile launch today and in connection with this event the Chamber network has selected and put forward a list of nominees from which the winner will be announced at the Chamber profile launch tonight. The nominees are besides Hyper Island the construction company Skanska and Nordic Marine Living AB in cooperation with Jonas Wagell Architecture.

Hyper Island has been nominated for its unique education methods which seek to stimulate creativity and enable the students’ individual development. ”For more than thirteen years, the learning method at Hyper Island has been a global success story”.

- We are happy to be nominated for something that we know and do well. Innovatie education is the core business of Hyper Island. We have been sending our students for internships and work in the UK for thirteen years now, so it is great to be recognized for our work as a interactive bridge between the UK and Sweden. There will be more, says Mattias Hansson, CEO, Hyper Island.

Monday, September 8, 2008

One month at Hyper Island

Our new students have now finished their first month. What do they think so far? I asked two of our students in Karlskrona to answer some questions for our blog!

Hi Ole and Tine! You are both from Norway, how did you find Hyper Island?
Ole Martin: I found Hyper Island when I was 13-14 years old. I had a lot of interest in web design, and I got to know a guy that went to Hyper Island crew 7 or something. He told me about the school, and it's been sort of a dream ever since.
Tine: I was looking for some sort of leadership/management education in Sweden - something that would be different from a normal MBA. When I realised that Hyper Island had a course called Business Management I instantly checked it out. I applied because I felt that two years here would be a good start.

What do you think of your first weeks at Hyper Island?
Both: It's really been great! We started off with two intensive weeks of UGL and team building courses, a perfect way to start this experience. We've just finished our first module and starting to get used to Hyper Island's different learning methods. Which by the way is nothing like what we are used to – in a good way, that is!

You are also writing a blog on your own about your time at Hyper Island. Why did you set up that blog?
Both: We made the blog to have some sort of two way communication with our friends and family in Norway. It's been a huge success, the design has gotten a lot of recognition and we have readers that we don't even know!

And what do you think of Karlskrona?
Both: The town is really cute! Small, peaceful and with a constant seabreeze that makes sure our hair never looks the same. It's a great place to study, because there's nothing else to do here! (That's not completely true, but let's keep the illusion alive).