Monday, November 19, 2007

Program Check: Business Management Karlskrona

Business Management student Anu Lyra writes about the latest module, Building a Brand:

We first year Business Management students in Karlskrona have been engaged in a module called Building a Brand. Four weeks of intensive work with several projects, and it feels like time well spent. The different projects have made it possible to look at branding from different perspectives and it's safe to say the whole class feels we've learned a lot with all the work we've done.

The two main projects we worked on, in small groups, were quite different from each other. Partly we have studied existing brands, each group picking two examples within a field of business - a big (inter)national company and a smaller, local company. Comparing these two, they're goals, visions, missions and values. And how well they're achieving what they were set out to do. The other project got us involved in creating a brand from scratch. So it was all about creating a concept and figuring out a way to communicate it to the others. Branding, essentially.

We also had two side projects, both to do with branding as well. We've been thinking about and creating our own personal brands as well as one for our class. Both of these projects will continue and keep us busy at least until Christmas. The point with both of these is to prepare us to communicate our goals and aspirations to eventual internship-places. Personal brand will be part of our portfolios and class's brand will eventually materialize as a homepage - with the kind co-operation of Digital Media students.

We're looking forward to launching the site and our brand in December, hopefully - more news on that will surely follow!

/Anu Lyra

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Jakob said...

Well written Anu, as always!