Monday, November 19, 2007

Judge a book by its cover

In a typography workshop led by former BON Magazine Art Director Christoffer Wessel the Digital Media students in Stockholm were asked to design a book cover for a Richard Avedon book. Here are seven of the resulting book covers, which one do you think is the best?


Simone & Toreq said...

Karlskrona didn't have a fancy swedish art director as lecturer, but worked on a similar task with William Hall (an architecture book spread, with cover) with even better results. Why not showing those as well?

RogerSjogren said...

Simone and Toreq - why not just make sure to publish work from Karlskrona as well - some action please!

By the way I don´t think Christoffer Wessel is fancy at all - he is just a good and relaxed guy :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did I here something about a BEEF!? that's pretty smart guys from Karlskrona. This looks really good for the public.

karl crew12 said...

If you ask me, why have voting at all?

I don't c the point in voting on something that was made in a workshop.

It's about learning, not to vote a winner. The real winner is for sure not even in the voting because his or her coover looked like shit.

Hyper Island said...


All feedback is appreciated.

We want to make an engaging blog and showcasing some works with a light-hearted poll is one way of doing that. We are not twisting anybody's arm here - neither when it comes to publishing works online nor for readers to take part in the poll.

Kind regards,
Web Editor

karl crew12 said...

Well I really like this blog and I totally agree on everything you say exept the poll. The same article with out the poll would have been even better in my opinion, thats all.

Keep up with the gj on the blog.

Anonymous said...

I actually found the work from David Lundmark was the most impressive one when I saw all the works at the first time. Then after I voted I found the one from Felix Hill had got a lot of votes, which made me look at the work more carefully.Finally, I found it was an attractive work also.