Wednesday, November 28, 2007

IdN: "A new meaning of the word 'impressionism'"

Digital design magazine IdN has a feature on Hyper Island student Simone Magurno in their latest issue. They write: "A new meaning of the word "impressionism" may hit you: though the work has little to do with Impressionism as a school of painting, it certainly impresses!" and claim that he has created "a whole new world with his simple, colourful illustrations, bereft of any fancy composition". We asked Simone a few question about life on Hyper Island.

How did you find out about Hyper Island?

I discovered Hyper Island one year ago just browsing thought the personal portfolio of Markus Karlsson. I got immediately interested in the school, as i was already astonished by its student's works, so i promised myself to try to apply once i had finished university, which happened in March of last year.

What have you learnt at the school?

I'm learning a lot on how projects develop through the different stages of their production: how human resources are divided on different kind of projects, depending on size, expertise and final goals.
I've developed a better understanding on the importance of good planning and management when working on a project along with other people.

Where would you like to work in the future?

I'm not sure of where i would like to work yet. Definitely some cities and agencies are more attractive than others, but i believe that its going to be the career perspective of the bureau which will pick me which will be the the most relevant influence on my choice. I keep a list of agencies where i would like to work tough, you never know i might get lucky.

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Sebastian Suarez-Golborne

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