Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hyper student goes Holland

Karlskrona based Digital Media student Emelie Ivansson reports on the STRP festival:

The traditional festival “STRP – Art and Technology” took place in Eindhoven, Holland and of course some of us hyper students had to check it out. In an enormous industrial area we were able to experience and take part of a crazy combination of art, technology and music performances. In the installations we also could se some similarity to our own Experience technology exhibition, with sound and light as the main content. We actually saw a version of “GraffArt” that one group in the Karlskrona class did, almost exactly the same.

It was a great weekend with lots of interesting experiences and interacting. I truly recommend for the future hyper students or anyone interested in tech and art to give it a visit, it was a big source of inspiration for all of us I believe.
For more information about the festival visit STRP.

Emelie Ivansson

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