Monday, October 15, 2007

Pics and movies from the Digital Media exhibitions

Last week the Digital Media students in both Karlskrona and Stockholm had exhibitions , showing off their projects in the "Experience Technology" module. All in all nineteen groups made interactive projects and presented them for the public. Check out some of them below.


Group 3: Sound Memo, an audial version of the classic Memory game.

Group 4 showed their scary Star Trek abstract noise cube:

Group 7: Marble’s Inferno, a javascripted interactive physical marble track.

You can read about all the projects from the Karlskrona Digital Media students following the links to their group blogs here.

Also check out a feature on the Karlskrona exhibition by Swedish national radio here.


Group 2: The Beamograph, a tool for creating electronic music.

Group 4: Style Win, the digital dressing room.

Group 5: Myoa, which records motions and transforms them into colour on-screen.

You can find links to all the Stockholm Digital Media group blogs here

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