Thursday, September 27, 2007

Check out the Digital Media student blogs

The Digital Media students in Stockholm have been asked to start blogs as part of their "Experience Technology" module. Follow their work at the following adresses:

Grupp 1
"The intuitive thought is to smash the arduino board and tell it to fuck off"

Grupp 2
"And then it was time to do some magical brainstorming. A slow start resulted in a bunch of really crazy, crazy!, but fun, ideas. We also planned how to work the rest of this week."

Grupp 3
"Today we got our main task. To our disposal we have a wireless keyboard and mouse. We started taking apart the keyboard and the mouse, it was interesting to see how things worked under the surface. Once taken apart the keyboard shrunk to a tiny little chip."

Grupp 4
"Thanks to all the research we did yesterday we managed to find a source code very similair to what we are looking for."

Grupp 5
"Our idea is to make colorstrokes from movement of a person filmed by the webcam. And by letting the strokes have a long delaytime, many people can join and togheter make an artpainting. The funny part is that we wont let the people know that they’re making motionstrokes."

Grupp 6
"Since the WiiMote is so associated with playing games we have talked about doing something outside the box and really make something useful and interactive, that for example handicapped people can use for amusement or learning."

Grupp 7
"at last we found a cool piece of software called GlovePie. It enables interaction between the computer and the wiimote with very few lines of code. Unfortunately the software is for windows (and that sucks, because me hate window$) but that will do for now."

Grupp 8
"Yesterday, at app. 16 o’clock, we finally got our lego robot and today we have been brainstorming on what we want the robot to do. We’ve had many ideas and it eventually felt like as we could build something really cool.
Right now the boys are sitting down by the table and building the robot from scratch, just to be able to understand it fully and test it on what it can do."

Grupp 9
"Yesterday we took a field trip to the Stockholm Technical Museum. We were disappointed. The show looked like it hadnt been updated for at least ten or so years, and was very focused towards children. They did have a mind game, in which the two participants put on sweatband, wired to a table with a narrow plastic strip on it. A ball is placed in the middle of the strip, and the aim of the game is to get it to the opponents side. This is done by relaxation. The wired sweatband reads your “brain waves” (alpha and theta) and the lack of them pushes the ball away. highly overrated."

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sign said...

Amazing how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them understand a certain topic, you made my day.

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