Tuesday, August 7, 2007

On and on and on and on, Metropolis

Recently graduated Crew 11 students Johan Gustafsson, Rasmus Sjöborg, Rickard Roslund, Patrik Blohmé and Hugo Aronzon created this music video as their Final Project.
We had a chat with one of them, Patrik Blohmé, who told us:

While I was in the states doing my internship I came to the conclusion that I wanted to do a massively moving final project, and started a discussion with Rasmus Sjöborg who worked in Sweden at the time. A music video felt very right since we both love music and a music video is something you rarely do once you're staffing at a company since there's no money involved most of the time.

Next step was to bring in the talent. We looked around and found that a lot of the people we were interested in had other prestigious offers; to do their final projects in Barcelona, to be part of the WESC-project but I think we managed to sell the project pretty well and we managed to get the people we wanted - Johan, Hugo and Rickard.

Since everybody was working hard in different time zones we started up a work-blog where we posted thoughts, ideas and inspiration for us to use once we would meet a couple of months later. This was a good platform for us to start up on and once we met back in Karlskrona everybody was on their toes and ready to work. But still we hadn't got a band or an artist. We had spoken to a few, mostly no-name bands that were interesting but we didn't feel that we had anything solid.
Fortunate for us, our good friend and classmate Patrik Berg is well connected in the Swedish pop-industry and hooked us up with David Pagmar, also known as Montt Mardié. His second full length album was about to be released closely scheduled to our deadline. It worked out perfectly. We made the call and he was really optimistic and wanted to cooperate.

In the beginning of the project the whole team met up with Montt Mardié a couple of times to discus ideas and logistics.
After that it was mostly our project leader Hugo, who worked the contact with the artist and also the label, which we others were quite happy to miss out on. :)

We are all really happy with the result even though our laptops didn't supply us with the brute power needed to work HD-res and massive After Effects 2,5D. The artist and the label were also very satisfied, both with the video but also the kick ass website, which concluded in us doing other work for them as well.

Thanks Patrik!