Friday, June 1, 2007

Mocoro scores a FWA for Cicatriz!

Mocoro is a new company based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2007 by Hugo Ahlberg ("Cricke" from Crew 9) and Eduard Prats. Mocoro has been way too busy to make a portfolio, but stay tuned:

For Cicatriz Clothing, Mocoro created a unique and memorable shopping experience, rewarded with a Favorite Website Award on June 1st 2007.
The fully integrated web shop is built in Flash, presenting their latest collection in a hectic/lo-fi/broken video interface. The collection is limited so hurry up and buy some slick clothes!


Anonymous said...

bytt namn till hugo?

Anonymous said...


hugo said...

Anonymous 1 & 2: japp, det har jag! cricke=hugo

vilka är ni då? så hemligt att skriva "Anonymous" :)