Friday, June 8, 2007

A graduated HIM 1 student shares her success story

Johanna Vogelius of HIM1 has made one hell of a journey. We wanted to know more:

What is your view on yourself Before and After Hyper Island?
2 years ago that I applied to Hyper Island. I was an ordinary small-town girl with to many party nights on my conscience. I had told myself to never go back to school again. I wanted do to something but had no idea what it could be. So I went back to school. When I look back at the person I was before Hyper Island it might sound strange but I don't know that person. My view on myself has totally changed. I used to be scared of the big bad world. Now I love the big bad world.

When I applied to Hyper Island I had no idea that it would change my life. Not only work wise but also personally. Hyper Island changed me in a way I couldn’t even imagine. Honestly, I had no hopes of getting a job because I had no idea what I wanted to work with. But during my time at Hyper Island I found my passion and then started working towards getting to work with what my heart told me was right.
Hyper Island thought me about hard work and knowing that nothing is impossible. And that's the reason why I am where I am today. I think that if you combine hard work whit a lot of passion nothing can go wrong, and if I does - fix it.

How did you get the position at Makeupstudion that you hold today?
My passion for makeup, hair styling and beauty made me decide to go to Stockholm for my internship. I made a long list of companies I wanted to work for and sent all off the CEOs letters about myself. One afternoon I picked up the phone and called Birgitta Lagerholm, CEO of Makeupstudion. She invited me to Stockholm for a meeting. I went to Stockholm and after 1 hour at Makeupstudion I had my dream internship. I packed up all off my things, flew to Stockholm and worked my a** off for 13 weeks. Today I am Birgitta’s right hand and help her to run the three schools around Sweden.

Why would you recommend Hyper Island to potential students?
I would recommend the school to anybody who wants to learn by doing. Not learning by reading about how you do it. People learn from their mistakes and Hyper Island thought me to love making mistakes. I would recommend the education to anybody that has a genuine interest in group dynamics, thinking outside the box and challenges. Hyper Island is a challenge in itself and it changes people like me and turn them into great people.

What are you looking forward to in your future professional life?
I have a lot of hopes and dreams for when "I grow up". Hopefully I can continue to grow with the company I work for right now. I have a wonderful life because I have a job I like. I have an inspiring boss who teaches me new things and I have great co-workers who have shown me a new world. I will hopefully have the opportunity to se the company grow and as myself get stronger, better and bigger.

Follow your dreams. It might sound silly but that is the best advice I think. Follow your dreams and work hard. Nothing is impossible. Believe in yourself and remember to have fun, have a cold beer and be with friends.

Thank you Johanna!

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