Wednesday, May 23, 2007

See you in Stockholm, Maria!

We got in touch with Maria Lübeck from Hyper Island's Crew 2, back in Sweden after a few years of working in the UK.

What have you been doing since graduating from Hyper Island?
Well, quite a few things… I have been working as an interactive designer, a web designer, designer for mobile phones, with online advertising, as a design manager and as a creative ops manager. Now I’m working as a brand consultant.
Being back in Stockholm after 9 years in the UK, what learning experiences from London are most important to you?
Probably that you shouldn’t be afraid to tell people what you’re good at, as well as telling them in which areas you can improve (ideally also tell them how you plan to do it). Also that getting yourself a mentor in whatever area you’re interested in can be a great help.

In what way have you utilized what you learned at Hyper Island in your work life?
Practice makes perfect... Seriously though, I think one of the main things learnt was not to be afraid to try something out, even if it might fail. All you have to do is try again or try something else.

When you think back on your time at Hyper Island, what do you remember most?
The way you learnt by actually doing. It was so much more practical than anything I’d tried before. This made it less of a shock when you started working ‘for real’.

What would you tell a potential student who's not sure if she/he want to apply to Hyper Island?
You’d miss out if you don’t. It was hectic, but oh so much fun! You will also get yourself an amazing new network of people.

What recommendations on how to keep up to date would you give to someone who wants to work with brand consulting/branding?
Look at everything, read everything, listen to everything and question everything. Talk to different people in different businesses. Find your favourite brand(s), look at how they got to where they are and how they work their brand.

What are you looking forward to in the future?
Continuing to have fun with what I do. And learning lots of new things.

Thank you Maria!

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