Monday, May 21, 2007

New CEO at Hyper Island!

Photo: Martin Bogren

Name: Mattias Hansson

Age: 38

Family: Engaged to Maria (designer at H&M), Erik, 5 years, and another son due to late June.

History: top positions in Swedish TV, radio, magazines, Internet and new media. Now finishing an MBA, global concentration, at Stockholm School of Economics. A school from where I also have a diploma from the Advanced Management Program.

Occupation: Soon (the 1st of June) to be appointed CEO of Hyper Island.

Mission: To upgrade and grow the brand Hyper Island, while revolutionize education.

Promise to: take good care of Hyper Island and don’t hesitate to take tough decisions to let the brand grow in the right direction.

Dream of: A private zendo for daily meditation. Maybe we can have it at school soon!

CD: ”Nail” by Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel. “Hillbilly DeLuxe” by Dwight Yoakam.

Movie: ”Apocalypse Now” by Francis Ford Coppola. “Darling” by Johan Kling is probably the best Swedish film produced post-Bergman. Will Ferrell is always worth watching.

Contemporary artist: Damien Hirst and Dan Wolgers. And of course Charlotte Gyllenhammar. And Carl Johan De Geer has (still) always something interesting to say.

Museums: SFMOMA and Prado Madrid (I can watch the Bosch-paintings for hours and hours, they never stop to fascinate with their timeless mysticism).

Magazines: Economist and Wired. Monocle and Odd At Large.

Writers: PO Bronson and Carl Hiaasen.

Right now reading: “Previous Convictions” by A.A. Gill and “Killing Yourself To Live” by Chuck Klosterman.

Funniest: Sarah Silverman and Larry David.

Also: I have written three books about media. The first one, titled “Welcome to the cyber-world” (-98) was about the exploding Internet culture. The latest book was titled “Media – How it works (really)” (-00) and is a book for young media wannabes. On spare time I’m now working on my first novel, it’s kind of my meditative hobby.

Beside work: I’m co-founder and owner of Swedish regional bi-monthly magazine SKÅNE (Allers förlag) with a target audience amongst 40-60 year old women in the south of Sweden (?!). I am also going to keep my engagement in Media Mötesplats Malmö with whom I try to create a Moving Media Center for advanced research and production of moving media for new media solutions in fast growing Västra Hamnen, Malmö.

Confession: I am a passionate outdoor man, with hunting of deer and wild boars as a special interest. A couple of times a year I go with fellow media-men, designers, art directors, advertising executives and stand up comedians (!?) deep down into the Swedish woods…

Learn more about me: at homemade (sorry, folks!) Swedish resume-page:

Looking forward to: See you soon.

All the best,


Niclas said...


Anonymous said...

Grattis till den nya tjänsten...

/Michel M, Crew 1

Anonymous said...


Johannes Axner said...

En VD som gillar foetus, kanske det äntligen blir lite ordning på HI. :)

Joseph said...

grattis som tusan!

Michael said...

Jag har fortfarande mina Z-Magazine sparade i lådor nånstans och mitt nya mål i livet är att jag ska få åka till Skåne och skjuta vildsvin med ett gäng fulla mediemänniskor från Stockholm.


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